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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

215 cloudy with occasional shoers of rain there has been too much rain of late for the tobacco crops 26th I have been at work in tobacco to day the weather is extremely hot considering it is so wet 27th Doing nothing in particular went to church in the evening Elder McDaniels preached 28th Sunday this is a beautifull Sabbath morn as one looks out upon the many Beauties of nature the growing crops and mans Bountifull surrounds on evry hand we can but return thanks to the giver of evry good and perfect gift for these manifold Blessings and think how ungrate- . full man is to turn all these Blessings to naught ano make this Beautifull earth a hell in which to live instead of a Paradize this expression is perhaps a strong one But when we look around us at the misery and suffer- ing on evry hand we can compare this unhappy country to nothing else Our Best citizens are torn from their homes aid Families hurried off to prisons or Banished from their native state anarchy and ruin seems to stare us all in the face the rich the poor all classes are alike affected by these untoward events France in the Darkest days of Marat and Robespiere could not have been much worse than we are now under our present rulers men are led out and shot down like wild beasts Firesides desolated homes laid waste women outraged by both white and Black fre fiends called in this en lightened age soldiers V A few days more and another draft for 500,000 men take place and for what to fill the placed of the last 500,000 who have gone with all their crimes to the Bar of a Just god Five hundred thousand more men are required to carry on this work of infamy to sink still lower the name of our once p oud and happy country Great god hoalong must this go on Are we not punished enough or is the curse still hanging oer us Must this Struggle go on untill evry man shall be an enemy to his fellow man I can but say god forbid and still pray for peace I was _ at church this morning Elder McDaniels preached also in the evening 29th Went to Henderson to day this is the day the Chicago Democratic Convention was to meet and evryone is looking with anxiety to the action of that Body Paid L Schaeffer $10 for a mule Expenses $1,50 30th Doing nothing in Particular t 5. 3lst To day Brings us to the close of the month and I am not sorry agit has been an exciting one throughout our little community have all seemed to have as much trouble as they could well bear but the month has passed forever away and I trust our troubles with it but god alone knows what is to befall us in this war cursed country I went to Henderson to day