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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

216 there was nothing new in that allmost deserted town the usual groups were to be seen on the side walks talking over the latest news a few sharpers here and there looking out for a stray bargan are about all the signs of- life one sees in this once propperous little place war war war is written on evrything as plainly as though the grim monster were really enacting his dread scenes among us I Paid Wahien Sheriff my taxes for this year Amt $29%.93 Paid Geo Dixon $6 for one pair of Boots McCullach $6 for Books purchased for Sun- day School Schaeffer $12 for a mule Expenses $1.00 Sept lst This Morning was rather threatning heavy thunder was heard in the distance and we had a light shower of rain I hope the day will not be a type of the Month as we need dry weather instead of wet at this time 2nd At work in Tobacco to day &c _ 3rd Do Do hth Sunday there was neither Sunday School or preaching to day and I have spent the day at Home there was considerable excitement in the neighborhood to day as a company of Confederates were trying to induce the young men to join them by threatning to conscript them and actually carried it out so far as to arrest several of them 5th Went to Henderson to day I Bought of Mayer & Co 2 Tobacco Knives SO cts of G L Dixon one pair of shoes for Janes Hoskins $3.25 ` Expenses $2.50 Paid Adam Rankin Fee Bill $1.50 6th At work in Tobacco to day 7th Do Do 8th We had a heavy rain last night I was at work in Tobacco in the morning and went to Parris Mill in the evening Paid him $5.20 for meal I Bought of J Hite 100 lhs Bacon at 18 cts per lb $18 Loaned L L Hancock $21.00 ` 9th At work in Tobacco ` th;Oth Inwas at work in Tobacco untill dinner time went to chu ch in even g llth I was at Church this morning also in the evening Elder i Taylor preached l2th` Went to Henderson to day I sold a mule to a Mr Ash at $130 Expenses hl.$O Henderson was again ocupied by Negro Soldiers they had taken Posession of the Court House and were using evry inducenent to get Negro recruits