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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

233 k *';}.-if el 25th It is Raining this morning verry hard I sent lsgrlload of Tobacco out on the road yesterday evening and from evry prospect this morning it will get a thorough wetting it stoped raining about nine o clock and I started for Henderson overtook my wagon near Canoe Creek Bridge Broke down I got a wagon from Dr. Beaty and succeeded in getting my tobacco to tosm in a wet damaged condition the load weighed good 800 pounds Lugs 1475 Trash 335 I was Docked 75 lbs on the lugs and 35 on the trash which was a verry light dock considergg the Tobacco was wet this load brought me $390 Expenses &c to day $ . I came home at night but had a most disagreeable ride through winder rain and hail 26th Sunday this has been a dark gloomy looking day after a tempestuous night I was at church this morning Elder Crow preached a very interesting sermon on the Depravity of Man &c &c 27th I have been pruning Apple Trees to day 28th To day brings me to the close of month and the last winter month the day has been pleasant the low plaintive cooing of the Dove and the song of numerous frogs tell us that winter is Passing away spring with its manifold beauties and attractions is at hand and if one could judge the future by the present looks of everything it will be an early spring at any rate I hope so March lst This has been a Beautifull day for the beginning of the month I was at HF Coopers this morning I hired his negro Boy Bod for the remainder of the year for $65 I went with L L Hancock a cow hunting this evening &c 2nd I was Striping Tobacco to day &c 3d Doing nothing in particular I loaded my wagon with Tobacco-for Henry Cooper this evening It/rained again this evening and it is still raining with a fair prospect to rain all night kth This was a Blustry March day I was trimming apple trees to day g 5th Sunday a lovely day this has been the first spring day yet and I trust it will be followed by more of the same sort there was a fight in our neighborhood this mcr ning between the Negro soldiers and some guerrillas which resulted in the wounding of one Negro and one guerrilla but no one killed 6th I went to Henderson to day with Tobacco for H F Cooper I sold it to Paul Semonin for $20 for the good and Lugs and $2 for the trash I bought to day of N H Barnard l Kettle $5 of other items and Expenses $6 7th Burning a plant bed to day a pleasant day 8th At work about the farm to day