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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

2 our land Mary Ann my next oldest sister Married S L Cooper Nov 27 1857 and is now living in the neighborhood Margaret Married B F Martin the 23rd of December 1856 and is now living in the Walnut Bottoms `of these two I will say nothing further at Present beleiving they are contented and Happy I Hope th? may ever remain so And will endeavor to give a short sketch of the Life of My Father He was Born in West Moreland County Pennsylvania on the 19th day of August 17814 From which his father removed to Monongehala Co Virginia where they Lived untill the year 1796 when they moved to this county and settled in what is now known as the Horse Shoe Bend above the town of Henderson where _ they hved about a year when they moved and settled on this Place where my Father lived up to the time of his death Removing to this country at so early a period they necessarily went through many hardships incident to Pioneer life at the time his father removed to this county it was oomparitively a wilderness The town of Henderson which has now a Popula- tion of some hOOO Persons was composed of two or three Log cabins I have merely to this to show the rapid advance of civilization at the time he came to this county it Presented More attractions than allmost any other part of Kentucky to the Pioneer rich in soil salubrious climate requiring but little land to raise a small corn crop & and the other necessaries of Life the Game abundant the river Bottoms covered with a Growth of cane Furnished an abundance of food for stock in the winter thus requiring but little to keep their stock winter and sunmer and I have often heard my Father say he had killed Bufalo near his house stood Bear were also it allmost one of his Temperament a good shot a strong Healthy man one in fact just suited for Pioneer life Early in life he Married Letsey Rollefson by whom he had Five children Three of them are now Living viz Hosea SmithSgSarah Nesler and Eliza Weaver The other two Cynthia Floyd and Matilda Dixon died several years ago both of them left several children - During the War of 1812 he volunteered and received the appointment of Captain in which capacity he served at the memorable Battle of New Orleans he was also in Harrison Camp against the Indians and went with the command of General. Hopkins into the then Indian Country beyond Tere Haute I Indiana but was too late for the Battle of Tipacanoe returning from the Battle of New Orleans he settled down to the quietude of a Farmers life and i although he filled various civil stations this was his main occupation up to the time of his death I could did I deem it necessary in this brief notice of My Father give V numerous incidents of his early life of the many privations through which hz passed 1: the early portion of his life as he related them to me but will not a n But one year after the death of his first in the 18 he Married My Mother Elizabeth Carrington and by strict economy he acquired considerable property before his death although he was one of those Men whose uniform goodness of heart Leads to as it were the utmost confidence in one as he often Tad security debts to pay few of which were ever paid back again