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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

367 was giving way and we saw plainly that the world had lost all its value to poor Jimmy and as I stood and looked upon his calm and serene fact: and saw his eyes Closing for the last time upon Father Mother Sisters & Brothers I could but trust that they opening in that bright world where death will never come and where with the blest throngs of the redeemed he will live forever and when about 6 o'clock the last struggle was over I but say farewell to Jimmy on earth but oh May I be permitted with all who were standing around his bedside to meet you in that sub bright clime where no tears will ever dim the eye where Father & Mother Brothers & Sisters will weep no more around the death bed of loved ones. I 27th I was at the burial of James Smith this Morning This was the last act we could perform `for Poor Jimmy and now we left him in the old church yard that is his mortal botzy body but I trust that he had found that land of rest to weary Mortals given for I believe he was a Christian he had been for a long time a member of the Baptist Church and though like most young men he might at sometimes have neglected his duty yet I have no doubt that through repentance & Faith in Jesus Christ that he is now realizing the bliss of heaven ' 28th About the Farm &c to day 29th The Mill was Sawing again to day and I have been busy about getting the Lumber from the saw 30th At work about the Mill again to day we had a verry heavy rain this evening and I got a thorough weting this brings us to the close of the Month of June the Month has been unusually wet throughout as it has rained allmost every day, or week during the 30 days past My crop of Tobacco and Corn looks Badly as it has suffered greatly for work Wheat & Oats look well and the prospect is good for a large yield July lst - The day has been hep hot I was at work about the farm &c to day 2nd Doing nothing in particular 3rd The Odd Fellows had a barbacue near my house to day and of course I was in attendance everything passed off Pleasantly they had an abundance to eat &c and I expect they made some money 4th The day Came on Sunday and I spent the 4th by going to church I learned this evening of the death of Kate Fegan Another one of our