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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

3 was generous to a fault ever ready to help needy one whose sympathies were ever enlisted on behalf of the widow and the orphan never knew a beggar to be turned -erving he might appear and he would often say to me twas better to feed dozen impostors than to turn one needy person away And now as I glance back oer times rapid space I can as it were see him when I was a little boy surrounded by his family his neighbors and friends respected and honoredby all with but one grevious fault that has been the curse of so many good men honored I said by all yes for he was truly a noble man one whose mind soared above the trifling little things of earth one who scorned through his whale l.ife to do a mean action but ever endeavored to hold up before his children the highest standard of morality and virtue ' Whilst at the same time he suffered himself like Eve in the garden of Eden to be beguiled by a serpent of as deadly a nature as ever tempted Eve, that was the tempting bowl and as I have said before with this ex- ception he was truly a noble man allmost Faultless or at least as near faultless as attains the lot of man to arrive at in early life he embraced the christian religion and attached himself to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and for several years was a leading and content member but by contact with the world laid aside as it were the noblest and great- est gifts ever given to man and went back to the gaudy allurements of the world and although a warm advocate of the christian religion he appeared during the greater part of his life to have lost savor and made no preten- tions as to his christianity at all But when old age began to dim the eye when buoyant step grew faltering and slow he looked upon his early l.ife and I trust returned to first love as he told me but a short time before he died that he saw his way clear that the religion of his youth was the comfort of his dying hour and I trust he is in that land where all the errors of life are forgotten in the saviours presence V he died the Sth day of March 1858 after a long and protracted illness aged 73 years 6 months and 18 days I stood by him and saw him breathe his last calmly sweetly as it were life ebbed out and the spirit took its ever- lasting flight from earth to its Mak er I could but feel in that moment that I had lost the best friend I posessed on earth one whom I honored as a parent and whose memory I shall revere while life shall last and often now in the still hour when alone I see as it were that grey headed venerable form standing about the farm di- recting by his advice and counsel and then again I reflect that he is gone forever gone from this troubled woxjd gone to that bourne from whence no traveller ere returneth and the heart grows sad