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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

383 23rd Myself & B F Martin went to G Mitchells after some cattle &c to day 24th Went to Henderson the road was verry Rough and I was so unwell that this was a verry severe trip on me and to night I am com- pletely used up 25th Christmas Day I was verry sick all night and this morning I do not feel much like enjoying Ch.ristmas and have been confined to my Bed the most of the day 26th Sunday I have been about the house all day as I have been very unwell 27th Sick again it seems that I am once more to spend my Christmas in Bed 28th To day has been but a repetition of the Past several day}- Sick and unable to be up and attending to my business I have had time for my reflections to assume the character of an afflicted one indeed yet I have no doubt it is all for the best 29th Sick again Too sick to be up and not sick enough to be in Bed I begin to realize the fact that I have chased the wild goose a little too far in the beginning of my sickness and now must calmly await events 30th I have spent this day like many others of late a part of the time in bed and the Ballance Scarcely able to be up allthough at night I went to the Concert at the Methodist Church Mr. Harris and Class I thought done remarkably well and some of the Pieces would Challenge competition with any Class of Singers Allthough I was verry unwell I enjoyed this Concert verry much 31st To day closes the month and year 1869 I am not able to write much as I have been verry unwell all day spending the whole of the Christmas week either in Bed or about the house Perhaps it has been all for the best Poor short sighted Mortals cannot know it may be that by being sick I have been protected from something worse by the allwise Rullar of the Universe or I may have been afflicted to reach me humility and the frailty of all human things in either event I accept it as a dispensation of Providence and Bow in Humble submission to his holy will And to night at the close of the year I am willing to confess that I could have spent the past year much Better than I have done for I know I have done many things that I ought not to have done and left undone many things that I ought to have done Tis thus with us Poor short sighted Mortals