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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

384 we see too late what we have done with our time too late do we feel the fact that time is speeding away away and we though Passing away ourselves but little heed the time for if we were sensible of the time as it flies so Swiftly by we would certainly try and improve it to a better advantage To night as I look back oer the past year it is with Sadness allthough it has been a busy one to me and I expect I have made some money But as my years operations are yet to be wound up I am not able to say how much during the year I have Received from all sources Over $5000 but notwithstanding this large sum the close of the year finds me largely in debt and allthough I have a large amoung of money due me the Tobacco crop was Badly damaged by the Freeze in Oct and Prices are not what the Farmers have expected I fear I have admanced most too much money to my Croppers and I fear it is going to be hard to collect money that is due me But if I can have my health ' I trust I will be able to meet all my liabilities And now to night as I think over the Past year I think of a great many things I would like to jot down with my Pen but must leave them with the Past and as memory reverts to Sadder Scenes of Friends who have crossed the Rikrer of death who began the year with Bright - hopes and Buyyant expectations only to sink into an early Gave I Stood by and saw them as death threw her dark mantle oer them and as I re- call those dread hours of Pain how cherless would be this life were it not for the hope that far above this fleeting show- shore in that heaven above they are forever at rest And oh my god May I be permitted to Meet them there when at the close of each year we will not think of those I who have left us and weep over sad memories but where we will ever be A with the Lord And now as I take a last Farewell of the year 1859 I do so in friendship with all mankind trusting that I am an humble Follower of the Meek and Lowly Saviour trusting that through Faith and Repentance that I will yet stand justified before the throne of god and dwell with my Saviour and Loved ones alway ever hoping that I may be able to write a more satisfactory account of myself at the end of coming years January lst 1870 Elevgn years ago to day I commenced keeping a journal with the hope that by keeping a daily memorandum of all my actions worthy of note it would at least strengthen a defective memory and serve to while away many otherwise tedious hours Experience has taught me the value of this kind of a Book as it now becomes my Reference for a great number of events and I could not get along verry well without my Book I regret that I have not made a more correct memorandum of my business receipts &c and I intend during the Present year if I live to endeavor to keep a correct account of my receipts and expenditures for each month separate