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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

385 This has been a Gloomy day for the beginning of the month & year I was too unwell to venture out on such a day and this evening I am sitting looking out upon the Snow Falling from my window longing once more to be out attending to my Business But I will begin the year with renewed hopes and Bright expectations believing that all shall work for good to those who love the Lord & Determined to try and do my duty in the great Battle of life trusting in him who has said Sufficient to thy days shall they strength ever be I hope to lead a better life and if I shall be called upon to leave this troublous world that I may leave it in Peace and when called to go oh may I be ready for the surnmons 2nd Sunday The ground is covered over with snow this morning and this has been a disagreeable day there was no church in the neighborhood and I have spent most of the day in the House 3rd Myself & B F Martin Drove some Cattle to the Bend to day I drove down nine head and Doc 4 head & Two Calves this makes thirty two head alltogether that I have in the Bend and Five Head that I know nothing about This was a disagreeable day 4th This was a cold disagreeable day I killed Five hogs this morning I sold 3 that weighed 330 lbs net to Sam Hopkins for $-44- $33 and 2 that weighed 188 lbs to Monroe (M C) for $18. 80 I bought these hogs at W F Quinns Sale The whole lot cost me $53 and I have Five head left yet which will pay me well for my trouble &c 5th Went to Henderson this morning the Road was verry Rough and it is a tedious trip from my house to Henderson now I remained in the City all night at J C Fegans Henderson is a dull place Tobacco the principal staple is selling too low to suit the views of the Farmers and the downward tendency of the Gold Market causes the Buyers to stand aloof and seem affraid to invest 6th When I awoke this morning it was snowing finely and I thought we were going to have a miserable day but it cleared off about 10 oclock and turned verry ciold by night I Bought some little things at auction at Banks Bros who Failed some time Back Amt to $2. 45 My expenses amounted to $3. 50 I paid N M Barnard $18. 80 and received from him $112, 13 as Receiver of the- S Nesler Estate 7th This has been a cold disagreeable day I Helped to Burry Mrs Robt Powell this morning tis thus we Begin the new year and oh how forcible should be the warning