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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

387 among that number who will Rise up to meet the Saviour in the air to stand for a moment with those Sainted ones on that Old Hill Reunited never more to Part Never More to watch or to weep never more to Pass through a life of Toil and Care But to be with my Saviour and Loved ones allways O my God make me humble and o may I lead a better life and at last realize this great joy will ever be my Prayer And to night as my thoughts wander Back I can think of a little host that Sleep in that Old Church Yard I think of the Old and the Young and the Middleaged that I have seen Burried there during my short life I think of Farther Brother Sisters Conexions and acquaintances all along the Journey of life I will miss them oft does the tear start un- , bidden to the Eye as Memory calls up their true and tried Friendship as scenes of the Past come Before the mind it is enough to Sadden one$ QA,4/fl IE6 would do so were it not for that glorious hope Yes the @ Hope the Blissfull Hope which Jesus Grace has given the Hope when days and years are Past we all shall Meet in Heaven My own Little ones as I Pause beside the two Little Mounds in that ORChurch Yard and think of my Bright and Pratling Boy oh how I have missed him how I have mourned over his Loss How oft have I gone to those little mounds during the last two years and tried to Pray for resignation to the will of my Heavenly Farther and though it has seemed so hard yet I trust to night I can say thy will not mine be done And if I can only be permitted to Rise with them in that Blest morning I feel that all the sorrows of this life will be as nothing that there to live allways with the Saviour where my Little onesare now it should inspire one with a zeal that would only be satisfied with that full fruition when the Soul comes Back and claims from the dust its old tenement of Clay 17th I went to the Walnut Bottom in company with B F Martin we found the River riseing Rapidly but did not find but few of our Cattle 18th I have been about home to day as I have been so feeble lately I that one days ride is about all I am able to stand 19th Went to the Bottom again this morning but found to our Surprise the whole Country flooded we succeeded after a hard days work in getting B F Martins Horses and about one half of our Cattle and had to turn our Backs on the Ballance and trust them to the Mercy of the waters I got verry wet in crossing the Crooked Pond Slough in the evening as we had to Swim it on our Horses and to night I feel like I was done for Sure I received from Stapleton Crutchfield $14 20th In Company with Dock Martin & Gabe Lilly I went to the Bottom again this morning we found the waters still rising Rapidly