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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

388 and things indeed looking gloomy I went in a Skiffwith G B Martin down as far as the Kelly Place but we could do nothing we cam?-back to our Horses where I left him to Brave the waters whilst I turned my face homewards when I got home at night I could but feel that I had gone a little too far for my strength I received from J O Utley $5 on note I held against him 21st I have been too unwell to leave the house far to day 22nd Sick again to day I find that a sick man had allways better stay at home untill he gets well 23rd Sunday I have been about home all day as my afflictions are still numerougf and not getting Better as fast as one in my situation could wish but I feel that I am in the hands of a Just god and all will be for the best in the end 24th I started to Henderson to day with G G Lilly & B F Martin - but my health is so bad that I concluded that I had better turn back and it was lucky that I done so as k it rained all day 25th I went to William H Berry Sale to day as I had Promised to Clerk for him Bust Skull whiskey made evrything sell verry high _ but I think Berry will have a hard time to collect his money I 26th I went to Henderson to day I sold 3 loads of the Sam Cooper Tobacco one Load Raised by William Williams I sold for $9 for Good $6 for the Lugs and $2 for the trash the load weighed Good 1339 Lugs 536 Trash 160 Amt in all $155. 87 Dave Taylors Load weighed Good 830 Lugs 660 Trash 160 I got $6 for the Good $5. 60 for the Lugs & $2 for the trash Amt in all to $89. 96 Dennis Williams Load was badly Frosted and Froze and only Brought $58, 20 Total $304. 03 I paid out to day for Salt &c $10 i 27th Went to`.] H Jacobs &c this morning I received to day from Dr ` Jones $135 the amount due on horse sold Comodore Dixon Cold 28th Riding around this morning allthough I have Been too unwell { to even enjoy this sport Paid $11 to G B Martin for expenses on my cattle in the high water 29th I was at the Point this morning I settled with P Latta and Paid him in notes &c all of his accounts to day except amount due from Ben & Anderson which amount to $110 I paid him as above $220, 60 Received to day from Sam Williams $4/90 amd From J H Jacobs $31. 70 both Lumber accounts I was at the Lodge Me eting at night I Paid Joe