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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

389 Lilly $30 on Corn 30th Sunday This has been a beautifull day There was no church I was at the Burrial of a Little Boy of John Christophers Poor little Fellow no doubt he is better off I Rode down with B F & G B Martin to take a look at the hi gh water ehis evening and the flood was falling slowly and I hope in a few days it will resume its usual Channel 31st I went to Henderson to day I gold 1 Load of the Sam Cooper Tobacco the Last of William Williams Crop Part of it Brought $8. 05 and the Badly Frozen Brought $2, 85 and the Trash $2 amounting in all . to $79. 41 his whole crop amounted to $235, 28 1/2 of this amount be- longed to the Estate of S L Cooper That is $117. 64 and William owed him $37. 80 Amt in all to $155.44 I Paid out $10 for Hauling one load which leaves a Ballance due the Estate of $145. 44 I also sold a load of Anderson Tobacco that weighed Good Lugs Trash I sold the Good at $10 the Lugs at $6 Trash at $2 the load Brought $93. 30 this was the first Load that has been delivered from My Place Expenses &c to day $7 I Paid Isom Johnson SHC the taxes of S L Cooper Dec for the years 1868 and 1869 amt to $18, 50 I received $3. 70 for a Cow Hide As tpday ends the month I will take a retrospective view of my Financial doings which I am sorry to say have been on a limited scale as I have not Received much mon8y I Received from all sources during the month $477. 10 I have Paid out $306, 55 this does not in- clude any money but my own as I have Received a Considerable amount of money as Receiver of S Neslers Estate and I have received nearly $300 as Administrator of S L Cooper I have not sold my tobacco as yet and I expect I have waited a little too late this year I expected to have realized something on my Cattle but the High Water has disappointed my calculations and I will only have some 4 or 5 head that I will be able to sell The Past Month has been pleasant but verry wet in the fore Part of the month lately the weather has been fine February lst - This has been a Pleasant day for the begining of the Month I have been resting today 2nd Went to Henderson to day I delivered to Burbank Bro 2 Loads of Nace Williams tobacco that weighed Good 1568 Frosted Good 100 lbs at 7 1/2 cts Lugs 775 Trash 385 I sold my crop at $10 for Good & Lugs and $2 for Trash These 2 loads amt $249. 50 Expenses &c $7 3rd I have been too unwell to do much only to stay by the fire