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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

402 5th Sunday About the House all day as there was no Preaching 6th About the Farm &c Setting out Tobacco 7th 8th Nothing of interest Occured as we have been Busy planting Tobacco &c 9th About the farm &c Received from Mr, Marsha].l $1. 40 10th Rain Rain Rain we have allmost constant rains and the weather is verry Cold it has been the best time to set out tobacco I have ever seen in June _ 11th Replanting Tobacco &c Went to Church Meeting in the Evening Elder Houke a Blind Preacher Preached for us 12th The New Baptist Ghurch was dedicated by Elder Miller to day The day was a cold wet disagreeable one but there was a good congre- gation at Church and I think there was money enough raised to Pay off the Debt on the Church 13th Went to Henderson in Company with L L Hancock I Delivered a Load of Mine & Naces Tobacco that weighed Good & Lugs 695 Trash 255 Amt to $74 (this was mine) Naces was all Trash and weighed 730 lbs at 3 cts Amt $21. 90 I paid Hoffman $30 John . McConnel for (Ora) $20 other Items Expenses &c $10 - 14th About the Farm &c ` 15th do do do 16th do do ~ 17th I have been Cow Hunting &c to day Received from S Latta $10 my fee as Com in the case of J H Davis Heirs &c . 18th I finished Planting & Replanting my Crop of Tobacco to day We have had a long cold disagreeable wet spell of weather ever since the lst of June and it is raining again to night I received from G G A Lilly $35 for a Cow 19th Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder Thurman Preached I was also at Prayer Meeting in the evening As I Road along this evening I noticed a Boquet of Flowers upon the grave of Dr Cooper I could but feel sad over this touching Emblem of Affection