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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

405 13th Striping Tobacco for Anderson Vantrice one of my croppers 14th Striping Tobacco again to day We had a verry heavy rain this morning 15th Went to Henderson I delivered to Burbank the Last of the Tobacco raised on the Farm in the year 1869 Anderson Vantrice had Good 1815 at 8 lf2 cts Luggs 1200 at 6 1/2 Trash 680 at 2 cts Amt to $245. 37 Bens Trash weighed 840 Amt $16, 80 This wwund up two of m Croppers Bens Tobacco Brot Total $661. 60 Aners0S Total Brot $7451. 01 Expenses &c $15 _ 16th About the Farm &c this morning We that is myself and B F Martin was trying to drive a Bull from W H Utleys Home this evening but we made a total Failure The weather is extremely hot as the thermometer ranges from 90 to 100 in the shade 17th I was verry unwell this morning but managed to get out to hear l\/Ir Harris on Sunday Schools in the evening l8th At work about the farm &c to day My Partners in the wheat crop were stacking their wheat 19th Went to the Anderson farm this evening to look after some Hogs wed had a verry heavy rain this evening * A 20th We had a visitor at our House this morning in shape of a Girl Baby this was the first one for nearly six years I do not dread these little responsibilities as much as some Rum Profess to as I regard them as a Part and parcel of this life and a mans Bounden duty to endeavor to provide for the wants of his Family If they can live and have good health I feel to trust their futuee in the hands of a just god 21st About home &c I 22nd do do 23rd About the House in the morning and at Church in the evening Elder Harrison Preached The weather has been unusually hot this week 24th I went to Henderson in Company with Geo B Martin Received of G Mitchell $10 Cash and his note for $53 in settlement in full to this date Paid (Frey) $tfor one Pair of Boots Other Items & expenses FBettie - died March 15, 1871 see p. 426)