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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

406 25th About the Farm &c to day 26th About Home in the morning & Cow fHunting in company with J H Jacobs in the evening 27th At work on a Pasture fence to day 28th I have been suffering with Neuralgia in the Head and have had to stay close about the House although I managed to write four Mortgages for which I got the Promise of $4 29th I have been Suffering Considerably with my Head to day and the most of the time I kept my bed _ 30th I was about home all day again with my head I sometimes think there is one thing the matter with it and some times Something Else but I reckon it will develop itself soon Therefore I will try and be patient and await the issue 31st Sunday Grunting again this morning but went to Sabbath at the Baptist Church in the evening This ends the month of July a portion of the month has been verry dry but upon the whole it has been a verry good month for the Farmer My crop though not as good as it ought to be is never- theless a tolerably good one and this calm quiet Sabbath evening as ` I look back over its Past 31 days I feel thankfull to the donor of evry U good and perfect gift that all in this life is as well as it is August lst - I Began the month by going to the Election in the _ Walnut Bottom where I acted as Clerk for the first time with us the Negroes were allowed a vote and some 33 appeared upon the ground and voted solidly what they called a republican ticket There was one Hundred! & eighty white votes case & 33 Negroes making a . total of 213 I missed from the Poibas many Familiar faces that were p allways there in other years and as I think of them to night I can but sigh for some of them are sleeping in the grave and no more will we meet along lifes rugged journey One I missed to day in Particular A G Crutchfield who has recently left us I trust for a Better world I missed his kindly welcome his true hospitality for he never missed an oportunity of invit- ing the officers Home with him and many other little acts of kindness which I never can forget But enough for this day for when the mind goes Back on the Past there is so much to think of that I can hardly dismiss the subject