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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

407 2nd Went to Henderson to day There was but little excitement over the Election the Democratic Majority being so large that the result was a foregone conclusion 3rd From this date up to the 13th there was nothing of importance to write about I was Busy about the farm Hunting Cattle &c 13th I was at Church this evening Elder Lacy Preached 14th Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder Lacy Preached also at Sabbath School at the Baptist Church We have two Sabbath Schools now at the Methodist Church in the morning , and the Baptist Church in the evening 15th This has been a cold wet disagreeable August day I spent the day about Home 16th I went to the Chaylebiate Springs in Union Co in Company with J E Fegan I left him there as he wished to try the waters for his Health but fear that it will do him no good for I think he has Con- sumption I came Home in the evening in Company with Mrs Chappeze 17th Went to Henderson to day There is nothing talked of now but the War Between France & Prussia the Telegraph Brings us the news allmost as soon as if the fighting was on our own Soil 18th About the farm &c to day 19th I was one of the Commissioners to divide the John Perry Lands again and I am in Hopes we arranged that matter satisfactorily this time to all Parties concerned 20th Doing nothing in particular 2lst Sunday I went to the Chaleybiate Springs this morning after . Mr Fegan I found him no Better and I fear worse than when I left him We came Home in the evening 22nd About the farm &c This was my Birth day I am 38 years Old so the Old Fashioned Bible says and I believe from my own feelings that the Old record is a true one as I am growing old and I fear I am not improveing that growth as I should