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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

410 5th Went to the Fair again this morning The Crowd was a large one as this was the day of the Balloon Ascension This event took Place about 3 oclock in the evening A woman went off with it and the last I heard from her she was in the top of a tree in the woods beyond the Fair I Grounds This is a sport I would not like to indulge in 6th I was not verry well to day Consequently I remained at Home 7th I was at the Fair again to day There was a verry large Crowd on the grounds and it looks strange where all these people Come from I noticed I had two or three Blue Ribbons on my apples Sth At the Fair again to day I was glad this was the last day 9th Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder Lacy Preached I was also at Sunday Schblol in the evening 19th About the House all day as this has been a verry wet day llth Doing nothing in Particular 12th About the Farm &c 13th Went to Henderson The Place looked almost deserted 14th & 15th Doing nothing in Particular A 16th Sunday I was at Sabbath School and Church this morning Elder Fallan Preached I was also at Sunday School in the even ` 17th I went to Henderson to day to devise the way and means to Pay my Proportion of another of the Hicks Security debts 18th About the Farm &c 19th Cow Hunting with G B Martin &c to day 20th Doing nothing in Particular 21st At work about the Farm in the morning and went as far as Henderson with B F Martin in the evening on our way to the Association at Hebbardsville remained all night with L S Knight 22nd We left Henderson this morning and in due time arrived at Bethel Church the Place of Meeting We found a good many Preachers and delegates on the ground and when the Roll of Churches