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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

411 was called there was a good Representation from all the Churches and the Indications are for this Association to become one of the most usefull Associations in the state The Introductory Sermon was preached by Dr Talbird and this day was Spent in Preparing Business for Monday We got our dinner or supper as they both come together at a Mr Priests and went to the Mass Meeting at night where we listened to a lengthy discussion of the ways and means to relieve the destitution in the Henderson C0 Association and I was sorry to see the Spirit Manifested by some of the Speakers but as it turned out pretty well on the next day it may have been for the Best 23rd We had the Pleasure of Hearing Dr Coleman adress one of the largest Crowds I have ever seen at Church to day Ihd His subject was Baptist Church History after which we turned our faces Homewards I left reluctantly as I enjoyed this trip verry much and only my urgent Business at Home could have induced me to have left be fore the Close on to morrow We took dinner with Mr Davis on the Road and from there Home I will long remember the Kindness of the Hebbardsville People and especially those with whom I stoped Mr & Mrs Priest And I trust the good Lord will abundantly Bless this young Couple 24th Went to Henderson This was a County Court day and there was a number of the Sovreings in the City I got an allowance from the Co Court for the Repairing of Pond Crrek Bridge in Cash of Sixty nine xiollars 25th Abbuut the Farm &c to day I sold a Horse to Mrs. Patterson for $120 26th I went with Thos Smith to look for the Cattle I Bought from Charles Bell But did not succeed in getting them 27th I went to the Anderson Place a Hog Hunting &c this evening 28th This Has been a wet day I went to the Anderson Place in company with Ed Cotton in the Morning a Hog Hujting but we Had to come back on account of Rain I Went a Cow Hunting with G B and B F Martin and I succeeded in getting my steers that I bought of John Barnes Home 29th Went to Henderson in Company with G B Martin &c