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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

427 W H Atkinson who died Suddenly of Appoplexy at William Utleys on Tuesday morning last Poor Wiley I could but feel sad as I Stood by with a Crowd of Friends awaiting the arrival of his wife I Had known him a long time ever since I can remember} For a long time he was my neighbor and we were members of the same Church This was indeed a sad case away from home and loved ones stricken down Suddenly he died as it were among strangers but I trust his Maker and God was with him in his last struggle and that he exchanged a World of sorrow for one of Bliss I did not stay to the Burrial as I felt verry unwell 16th We had another Heavy Fall of rain yesterday evening and Last night We Burried our Little One in the Old Church Yard this morning Beside our other little ones Farewell Little Bettie on earth we will meet no more but oh may I be Permitted to stand with you ' three little ones in the resurection morn will ever be my Prayer 17th I went to C C Dixons Sale this morning I Bought 2 Steers at $70 and 2 Calves for $15, 60 I drove the Cattle Home in the evening &c 18th Went to Henderson I delivered to Burbank & Bro 1 Load of Naces Crop of Tobacco that Good 435 Lugs 330 Trash 720 Amt to $75. 80 I Bought 3 Plows on the Street at Rankins Sale for $8. 35 This was a pleasant day 19th Sunday This has been a Beautifull Sabbath day I was at Church this morning Elder B T Taylor Preached I was also at Sabbath School in the evening 20th Went to Henderson I delivered one Load of Isaacs & Daves Tobacco that weighed Good 820 Lugs 560 Trash 430 Amt $119 I Bought to day of J S Griffin Horses &c Amounting $400 21st I was acting as Arbitrator in Case between J W Cooper & F M Hagood nearly all day 22nd About the Farm &c in the morning and went with B F I Martin to the Dr Alves Farm in the evening &c We are having a beautifull spell of Spring weather 23d Went to Henderson I delivered a Load of the Mauzy Crop of Tobacco that weighed Good 565 Lugs 255 Trash 700 I got 7 1/2 cts for the Good 6 cts for the Lugs & 2 cts for Trash Amt to $86. 15 I also delivered a Load of Anderson Vantrice Crop that weighed Good 515 Lugs 325 Trash 490 Amt to $75, 80 I Had on this Load 300 lb-K Trash & 120 lbs Lugs Amt to $12