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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

428 24th About the Farm &c to day trying to Break a Refractory Mare But did not succeed I was at Church at night Elder Morton of the Methodist Church 25th This was Esqr Turner Court day at the Point There was also a Sale at Dr Coopers I was at Both Places I Bought A Reaper and Mower $49. 50 Wheat Fan $4. 25 and I old Corn Crusher 25 cts Evrything sold high as usual at sales 26th Sunday I was at Church to day Elder Moreton Preached Myself and Adelia went to G B Martins this evening We found Mrs. Allin dieing and we remained all night 27th I was watching with other neighbors & Friends around the . Bedside of Mrs. Allin All night We expected her to die allmost evry hour during the night but the Struggle was not over when I left this morning It seems Strange how long some Persons live when they are to all human appearances dieing /28th I went to G B Martins A to day after Dinner I Found Mrs Allin Dead She had lived untill near 12 oclock Thus one by one the Old Land Marks of the neighbor- hood are Passing away and as memory looks over the History of this neighborhood I can but think of but few who were Grown when I was a _ mere Child who are now living I had known Mrs Allin since Childhhod Her Children were my School Mates I was Intimately Connected with the Family from my Earliest Recolection Untill within a few years Past the Fanily was scattered more than half of them dead the Old Homestead Burned down and truly it seemed like they were Parted - Scattered Dead or Blighted but I hope in the Language of the Poet whether Parted Dead or Blighted there the Circle will be reunited forever at home. 29th I was at the Burrial of Mrs Allin this morning There was a large Crowd at the Burrial I allways dislike the Idea of Burrying a person out in an old Field We Burried Mrs Allin out in an old field their Family Burrial Ground g _ 30th This was a wet Disagreeable day I went to G B Martins , in the evening and from there to Wm Capps I Hired Capps and his Son Ham Jr to go on the Pierce place ` p Slst I went to the Pierce Place this morning I drove my Cattle Home &c This ends the month of March