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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

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430 any apparent Cause he was deatl That living and animate form which though old and Feeble Seemed rejoicing in life and health was an in- animate lump of Clay and the Spirrit had returned to its Maker and God He was for a long time back a professed follower of the Meek and lowly Saviour af strict member of the Methodist Church and I trust that the Summons found him ready and that his Spirrit freed from its Clay was transported to realms of Bliss where death would never come to Ca].1 him suddenly from his friends and loved ones Benjamin Williams Came to this neighborhood about sixteen years ago and ever since he has been if not a prominent a j good citizen and I for one will miss the old man along the Journey of life I will miss his dry humour or his practical way of Joking I have often sat arround his friendly Board and often will memory go back to hours spent beneath his pleasant Roof And this evening as I stood above him and looked with awe upon the work of Death I could but feel sad over thezszeidxizemsudden death of the Old Man and I could but sorrow with his aged Companion and Children 11th I went to a Sheriff Sale of the Personal Property of Charles Powell to day I Bought of yoke of Oxen for $117 one Mule for $116 and a lot of Sundries for $2. 60 Amt in all to $234, 60 _ . 12th I was at the Funeral and Burrial of Benjaminé Willi%ns this morning The Funeral Sermon was Preached by Elder Cooke With this I take a last Farewell of my old neighbor forever on Earth I But oh may I be Permitted to meet you in that bright world where all the Glory will be given to him who redeemed us and where life ever- lasting will be one of the rewards of the Christian 13th Went to Henderson to day in Company with John H Jacobs I I Sold him the Steers I Bought at Powells Sale for $122 A 14th Went to the Pierce place this morning &c - 15th Went to Henderson in Company with Thos Smith This ‘ was a verry Cool morning 16th Sunday There was no preaching at either of the Churches today I was at Sabbath School at Both Churches Morning and evening 17th At the Pierce Place &c to day 18th do do ·