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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

431 19th 20th 21st I have been doing but little myself as I have been constantly Riding Backward and Forwards Between the Anderson Place and Home 22nd I went to Henderson to day in Company with Adelia & Margaret Martin The day has been verry Cool 23d Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder S Hall Preached a verry interesting sermond at the Methodist Church I was at Sabbath School at the Baptist Church in the evening 24th I was at the Pierce Place &c to day A 25th do do 26th We had a fine Rain last night I was at the Odd Fellow Celebration in Henderson to day This was the first Procession of the kind I ever marched with The Procession was a large one Considering the rain A Bro Morris from Louisville Delivered the address to a large Crowd of citizens and members of the Order at Dixons Rink after which the Crowd Partook of a Substantial dinner at City Hall Prepared by Strangers Rest Lodge No 13 27th This has been a pleasant April day I went to the Anderson Farm and the Alves Farm in Company with B F Martin this morning and in the evening I met with the officers and members of Orphans Home Lodge IOOF at the Hall and we marched from there to the Bap- tist Church where the Rev S X Hall liifftured upon the subject of Odd Fellowship He made one of the finest speeches that I ever listened to and the IOOF may well be proud of Bro Hall After the Lecture we met at the Hall and I was truly glad that our young but growing Lodge took such a noble stand for the Widows & Orphans 28th I went to the Anderson Farm this morning &c 29th Went to Henderson I delivered the last of Naces & Andersons Tobacco Naces weighed Good 290 Lugs 310 Trash 355 Amt to $55. 10 Anderson weighed Good 490 Lugs 300 Trash 100 Amt to $66. 20 30th Sunday I went to Henderson to day I was at the Funeral & Burrial of James E Fagan to day He was burried by the Masons His Funeral Sermon was preached by Dr Talbird at the Baptist Church This was the last tribute of respect that I could ever pay to my Friend Fagan