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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

432 May lst - This is a pleasant day for the begining of the month I went down tdth e Anderson farm &c to day 2nd At work about the Farm &c 3d I was Striping tobacco this morning but it was too dry to handle by 12 oclock I went to Anderson Farm &c to day 5th 4th /I went to Henderson in company with Mrs S E Fenley This was one of the Coldest days I have ever felt in May 6th I was Clerk of the Election in Walnut Bottom to day , There was not much of a Contest for the offices of Magistrate & Constable Hiram Turner & W S Cooper were elected Magistrates & G G Lilly Constable This was another verry Cold day 7th This was a Pleasant Sabbath Morning I was at Sunday School at the Methodist Church in the morning and at the Baptist Church in the evening 8th I was at the Anderson Farm in the morning and Striping Tobacco in the evening 9th Striping Tobacco I finished my Crop to day I raised a very Small crop but it has taken me a long time to Handle it - 10th About the Farm &c I loaded up my Tobacco this evening &c llth Went to Henderson in Company with B F Martin I delivered the last of my Tobacco to Burbank & Bro The two Loads weighed Good Lugs Trash Amt to One more such crop will Break a Man to raise as mine has not cleared expenses p _ 12th I went to the Pierce Place &c this morning _ 13th Went to Henderson this morning in company with B F Martin I Received from Burbank on tobacco $200 I 14th Sunday I was at church this morning Elder Lacy Preached I was also at Sunday School in the evening at the Baptist Church This was a pleasant and beautifull Sabbath day l55th I drove a Cow to Henderson this morning that I sold to Presscott Burbank for $60 This was the highest price for which I ever sold a Cow but I was sorry to part with this one even at this price