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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

433 16th Went to the Pierce Place &cx to day 17th do do 18th I was at the Sale of the Personal Property of Benjamin Williams to day and Clerked the Sale I Bought one mule for f]xdx$l3l 10 Head Sheep $ 2. 25 Per Head 50 Bushsls Corn at 32 cts Per bushel and several other small Items Property Sold verry low to what it has been selling 19th I went to the Pierce place this morning It is getting verry dry on that Sandy Soil and unless it rains soon I will have to Suspend - Breaking Ground 20th I went to Henderson to day I took Minnie to the Circus & Menagerie of John W Robinson & Co This was a good performance 21st Sunday This has been a wet Sunday as it has rained nearly all day I was at Sabbath School at the Methodist Church this morning 22nd We set out our first Tobacco this morning I went to Henderson &c 23d I went to the Anderson Farm this morning &c 24th At work about the Farm 25th Doing nothing in Particular & evrything ? 26th I went to the Anderson Farm this morning and was helping Phil Kirk Cover my Ice House in the evening We had a fine shower of rain this evening 27th I was Setting out Tobacco this morning but the Season Played out about dinner time I was The Degree Meeting of the Daughters of Rebeka this evening 28th This is a beautifull May morning The Birds are Singing in the Green woods and Orchards around my House Everything looks Bright and Cheerfull I was at Church at the Methodist Church this eamndmzg morning 29th I have been Setting out Tobacco again to day and allthough the Season is a good one but I have no Plants to set my Ground with