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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

434 30th I went to the Anderson Farm &c this morning 31st To day ends the month of May It has been a fine month for work only a little too Cold I am done Planting Corn Both at Home and in he Bottom and my Corn Crop looks well The Tobacco Crop will be short one as the plants are so scarce that unless we should have extra seasons for setting out Tobacco we will fail in getting out a crop June lst - This was a pleasant day for the Begining of the month I started to the Walnut Bottom but went to the Anderson Farm and _ from there Home 2nd Went to Mt Vernon Ind in company with L L Hancock This was the first time I have been there for Two Years The place seems dull and Lifeless 3d Went to Henderson in company with Mrs Riggs I received from W Bennett Esqr $191. 22 as Guardian of Lewilla Burbank (Cold) 4th Sunday There was no Church this morning and I remained at Home as My Sisters Mrs Nesler & Weaver were at my House 5th Went to the Anderson Farm this evening &c . 6th Went to Henderson in Company with Thos S Smith &c A 7th Doing nothing in Particular Went to Corrydon in the evening V 8th Went to Anderson Farm and a fishing in Company with E D Powell & others We seined several Ponds but did not catch many fish 9th I went to Henderson this morning This was a verry hot day l I was at the Circus of Jas T Johnson but it was a poor affair A 10th I was at Church this morning Elder Lacy Preached This A _ was another warm day 11th Sunday I was at Church in the morning Elder Lacy Preached Minnie was taken sick at Church and I did not hear the Sermon through 12th I went to the Anderson Farm &c this morning