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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

435 13th 14 15th 16th & 17th I have been doing nothing in Particular this week It has been verry Hot & day We had a light show on yes- terday and I managed to set out about 2 acres of Tobacco this morning but the season is a very light one The long hot dry spell of weather while it has not materially damaged the Corn Crop will Cut Short the Tobacco Crop as the great scarcity of Plants and other Causes all seem to operate against a Tobacco Crop 18th Sunday I was at Sabbath School & Church this morning Elder Butler Preached I was also at Sabbath School in the evening 19th I Collected my forces & set out all the Plants I had on the Farm but did not have enough to do a days work with and I fear what I set out will dies if it does not rain shortly 20th We finished Cutting Wheat this morning &c 21st I went to the Anderson Farm again to day 22nd Went to Henderson This was a verry wrfam day again 23rd Nothing in Particular to write about 24th I was at Squifre Turners Court to day It seemed that our Squxire had an unusual amount of Business on Hand and a Part of the Crowd was disposed to give him more for some of them were of a beligerent Character One fight occured allmost right under the eye of the Court 25th Sunday I was a Sabbath School and Church this morning also in the evening Elder Cook Preached in the morning 26th I was setting out Toxb acco this morning but the Season is a light one and my plants are not much account I went to Henderson ze in the evening &c 27th I went to the Anderson Farm this morning &c 28th At work about the Farm 29th I went down to James Manions to take l\/[rs Joe Griffins Ackn to a Deed &c Took dinner at Margaret Gibsons 30th I went to the Anderson Farm this morning and at work about the Home Farm in the evening Today ends the month of June The month has been unusually Hot & Dry The Ground on my Place has not been wet enough for a good tobacco Planting this Season and 4 the close of the month finds me with less than a Half Crop Planted