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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

436 July lst - I went to Henderson in company with John H Jacobs this morning Came Home to the Public Installation of the officers of Orphans Home Lodge No 178 IOOF I had the Honor of the Highest Office that is Noble Grand The Installation was witnessed by a crowded House and Passed off Pleasantly We had a short but good speech from the Rev Mr Cook which was well received by the Brethren and the audience I was taken sick in Henderson or I would have enjoyed it much more 2nd I was at Church this morning Mr English Preached I was also at Sabbath School in the evening 3d I went to the Anderson Farm this morning I was taken with a Hard Chill before I got Home and have suffered intensely all day , 4th I was too sick to enjoy our Aniversary to day as I have been c_onfined to my Bed the most of the time 5th I have been unwell all day but missed my Chill 6th I was at the Anderson Farm this morning &c 7th I went to Henderson this evening I was at the Regular Meeting of the Mt Zion Encampment IOOF Remained all night at Thos S Knights Sth I came Home this morning in Company with Dr Talbird and went to Church in the evening Dr Talbird Preachzd B F Martin - William Loney & J D Averett were Ordained as Decons of the Church by Dr Talbird & Elder Lacy 9th I was at Church this morning and heard an excellent Sermon . from Dr Talbird on the Immortality of the Soul 19th Went to Henderson in Company with John H Jacobs &c I llth Doing nothing in Particular 12th I went down to the Anderson Farm this morning The long I dry spell has begun to seriously affect my Prospects for a Corn Crop U . 13th I was Helping to Stack my wheat &c to day 14th At work getting out a part of my\NSheat Crop &c today 15th Went to Henderson The Place is allmost lifeless The Long continued dry Spell affects evrything and evrybody Farmers are p gloomy over the Prospects and if we do not have Rain soon the Crops will allmost be a total failure