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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

437 16th Sunday I was at Sabbath School at the Methodist Church this morning also at Preach8ng at the Baptist Church Elder Butler Preached I was also at Sunday School in the evening l7th Last Night will long be remembered by Timid People especially and by evrybody else The Thunder Storm was terrific and I have seldom; ever witnessed such a Display of Lightning At times it looked like the World was all on fire accompanied as it was with the Deep toned Thunder It was a sight truly grand yet awfull I could but look with awe upon this grand and majestic scene and trust in Him who Plants his Footsteps on the Sea and rides upon the Storm and with gratefull heaxfendeavor to retun thanks to him for the rain that followed after the Storm and for his preserving care _ over us We that is Thos S Knight K fktt K B F & G B Martin & myself went down to S B Martin this morning I think the rain has been a General one at least through this end of the Co 18th We had another Heavy fall of rain this morning and for the first time since April the ground is k thoroughly wet and in some Places the Storm has done great damage to the crops of Tobacco & Corn 19th I went to the Walnut Bottom in company with G B Martin this evening We drove through several fields of Corn which seemed to be Badlywinjured by the winds to what extent I am unable to say But it look%erious indeed this evening - 20th Went to the Anderson Farm this morning The Prospect looks much Better since the recent rains 21 About the Farm Gathering Peaches &c 22nd Went to Henderson I sold what Peaches I Had gathered for about $2. O0 Per Bushel This was lower than I had ever sold the same Peaches before V 23rd Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder of the Methodist Church Preached and allthough I could not endorse his sermon yet he is a man of Considerable ability 24th About the Farm &c 25th I went down to the Anderson Farm to survey the Part of the Farm I am Cultivating on the River But it rained so that I did not finish 26th I was one of the Appraisers of the Personal Property of _ J H Clay Dec to day