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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

438 27th I was at the sale of the Property of J H Clay Evrything sold verry well considering the times 28th I was at the Ministers & Deacons Meeting of the Henderson Co Association this morning 29th I was at the Ministers & Deacons Meeting again to day The Sermon for criticism was preached by Elder Haynes subject Infant Baptism This was a verry interesting days Exercises 30th Sunday I was at Church again this morning Elder B T Taylor preahhed and Elder Haynes in the evening To day closed the Ministers and Deacons Meeting and I can say for one that this was one of the most instructive and interesting meetings I have ever attended I Read and essay on Home Missions this morning which was apparently well received _ byd the Brethren 31st To day ends the month of J uly The early Part of the month was verry dry But since the Middle of the Month we have had several fine showers of Rain and the Corn Crop Generally looks well August lst - This was a Hot day for August to Comrnence on I was Gathering Peaches &c to day 2nd Went to Henderson in Company with Adelia we took dinner 4 at Mrs Neslers &c - . 3d I went down to the Anderson Farm this morning 4h I went to the Diamond Island Bend to Preaching Elder . B T Tylor Preached After Preaching he Baptized 5 Persons in the Ohio River 5th I was at the Combination Barbacue given by the Masons V Odd Fellows & Good Tmplars The day was verry hot and dusty Otherwise evrything Passed off Pjeasantly The Procession was a y long one the music good and also the dinner Speaking Poor 6th Sunday I went to Church in the Walnut Bottom in Company ~ with G G Lilly Took dinner at H P Randolphs 7th To day was our Annual Election I was Clerk at the Walnut Bottom Polls The vote stood for the Democratic ticket 210 for the Republicans 107 The Democratic vote was all white the Rpublican all Negroes This was the Largest vote ever cast in this precinct