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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

439 Sth We Had a fine Shower of rain this morning which will be of immense Benefit to the Suffering Crops 9th I went to the Anderson Farm this morning &c 10th We that is myself & G B Martin went to Pleasant Valley to Hear the debate between Elder Frogge and Taylor We arrived at the Church in time to Hear the opening Speech The day was excessively Hot and the House so crowded that im: it was all.most impossible to get a seat But I managed to Hear the whole of the discussion to day They were both Good speakers but getting there two days after the commencement I could not get into the merits of the debate _ llth We staid last night at Mr Radford Dunns and went Back this morning to the debate The day was verry Hot again I Heard all but the closing speech and then we started for Home well satisfied with debates aEs I think Bf them a verry unprofitable way for Christians to spend their time 12th Went to Henderson in Company with B F Martin The weather took a little more of a Pleasant turn to day and I do not think the thermometer got above 90 We Came Home in time for Church meeting Elder Lacy preached 13th Sunday I was at Church again this morning Elder Lacy preached I was also at Sabbath School in the evening ` 14th I went to Henderson this morning I renewed a note in the National Bank for $300 15th I went to the Anderson Farm &c this morning 16th Doing nothing in Particular l7th 18th I was Helpfging to Dry apples & Peaches p 19th I went to the Anderson Farm this morning &c 20th Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder Jessup preached 21st I went to the Salnut Bottom to day I Bought a mule from W A Miller for $77. 25 I forgot that this was my Birthday untill I got to the Bottom or I should have remained at Home I aml9fyears old to day Truly time speeds away away away {4, 7 23d About the Farm &c