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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

440 24th I went to Henderson to day in company with G G Lilly I went to see the Menagerie & Circus of Hemings & Cooper The old adage again a fool and his money is Soon Parted 25th I went with G G Lilly after some Cattle this morning I Bought 3 Head from W A Towles and drove home 2 that I bought from Mr Rayburn 26th Went to Henderson I met with the Fair Grourrl Directory this morning &c 227th I was a Church to day Elder Cooke preached I was also at Sabbath School and Church at night 28th Abdut the Farmfc I was at Church at night Elder Cooke preached 29th I was at Church this morning also at night Elder Cooke Preached There seems to be quite a revival interest among a Portion of our people God grant that it may be of Character that will be lasting and Permanent 30th I was at Church again to day & to night 31st To day ends the month of August The month has been dry but not verry hot The late rains have considerably improved _ i the Prospects of the Tobacco Crops and Corn is filling out much ' better than has been expected by Farmers I have not done much during the month September lst This was a pleasant day for the begining of the lst Fall month I was about the Farm &c to day 2nd Went to Henderson to day in company with B F Martin 3d Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder English Preached Also at night Elder Cook Preached l _ 4th Went to Henderson This was the first day of our Circuit Court 5th 6th 7th 8th Doing nothing in Particular during this week The month so far is a fine growing one and late crops of Corn & Tobacco are growing finely 1 9th Went to Henderson I was at the meeting of the Fair Ground directory this morning Came home in time for Church this evening - Elder Lacy preached