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Diary Typescript, 1874

Part of Smith family papers

Jan lst 1859 I will begin the Month of January by Remarking that it is a Beautiful day all nature seems to be rejoicing at the Birth of the New Year and as I look Back over the Past year I can But rejoice that it is gone for the year fifty Eight was a dull and cheerless year to me and I am sorry to say that Instead of improving my time as I ' should the New Year finds me But little changed from what I was one year ago Either as it regards my Purse or my own temporal welfare But I Begin the New Year with renewed Hopes and firm resolutions for the future how far I keep those resolutions I intend these Pages will show I I was in the city of Henderson today and although I have been there often of New Years days before I think the crowd of People was Larger than I have ever seen congregated in the Little city before and it seems to me that the Majority of them were affected with what I will term the Negro Mania Good field Hands Hired readily for from two to three Hundred dollars women & Boys from one hundred to one Hundred and fifty dollars and allmost any Kind of a Hegre would sell for QIOOO whilst a Likely young Negro would have sold for $1500 - I sold Ben Dan & Sams Tobacco at $5 for good & dh for lugs & $2 for trash 2nd Sunday I went to church in the Morning and took Miss L. Haskins a Buggy riding in the evening ·called on Hr. John Higgins .— 3rd Hired out Nancy Harry & Peter today for the Present year Also rented out the Land Belonging to the Estate hth Moved Dan &c from the Mill Place house went with the corpse of Mrs. Davis to Highland Church heard her funeral sermon by Elder Thurman ‘ 5th Nothing of interest occured 6th do do do P . Yth Hothhg of interest occured ,8th I attended an Infare at George Cabells given Solomon had a very Pleasant time 9th Sunday Took Dinner at Uncle Steve Martin went to call on A the Miss Garett in the evening But they Had left for Home lOth Nothing of Interest occured llth Went to the Diamond Island Bend. l2th I was Bussy today asserting Tobacco l3th Went to Henderson returned stayed all night at Finleys i