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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

Jan lst 1859 I will begin the Month of January by Remarking that it is a Beautiful day all nature seems to be rejoicing at the Birth of the New Year and as I look Back over the Past year I can But rejoice that it is gone for the year fifty Eight was a dull and cheerless year to me and I am sorry to say that Instead of improving my time as I ' should the New Year finds me But little changed from what I was one year ago Either as it regards my Purse or my own temporal welfare But I Begin the New Year with renewed Hopes and firm resolutions for the future how far I keep those resolutions I intend these Pages will show I I was in the city of Henderson today and although I have been there often of New Years days before I think the crowd of People was Larger than I have ever seen congregated in the Little city before and it seems to me that the Majority of them were affected with what I will term the Negro Mania Good field Hands Hired readily for from two to three Hundred dollars women & Boys from one hundred to one Hundred and fifty dollars and allmost any Kind of a Hegre would sell for QIOOO whilst a Likely young Negro would have sold for $1500 - I sold Ben Dan & Sams Tobacco at $5 for good & dh for lugs & $2 for trash 2nd Sunday I went to church in the Morning and took Miss L. Haskins a Buggy riding in the evening called on Hr. John Higgins . 3rd Hired out Nancy Harry & Peter today for the Present year Also rented out the Land Belonging to the Estate hth Moved Dan &c from the Mill Place house went with the corpse of Mrs. Davis to Highland Church heard her funeral sermon by Elder Thurman 5th Nothing of interest occured 6th do do do P . Yth Hothhg of interest occured ,8th I attended an Infare at George Cabells given Solomon had a very Pleasant time 9th Sunday Took Dinner at Uncle Steve Martin went to call on A the Miss Garett in the evening But they Had left for Home lOth Nothing of Interest occured llth Went to the Diamond Island Bend. l2th I was Bussy today asserting Tobacco l3th Went to Henderson returned stayed all night at Finleys i