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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

502 27th I was at Esqr Turners Court this morning and at the Funeral of Drusa Cooper in the evening This was one of the Saddest Funerals I ever attended as there were two funerals instead of one one a Poor little Victim of {G Croup. While the Devoted Sister watched by the Death bed of Her Sister the destroyer Came and took from her one of her little ones in the Same House The little Sufferer went up to join her aunt among the angels and as I followed the two Coffins down the Aisle of the Church I felt as I have seldomd felt in my life Elder Miller Preached the Funerals after which we bore them to the Same Grave Yard and laid them among Kindred dead Oh how I Pitied the Heart Broken Mother & Sister who had to go through such a trial 28th Sunday I Rode down to the Bottom in company with J H Jacobs this morning Came Home to dinner and went to Sabbath School in the evening &c 29th I was at work on my Barns &c to day 30th To day closes the month of September This has been a long dry month seemingly I do not think it has rained during the . whold of the month Pastures have dried up and the Crops of Corn & Tobacco have suffered for the want mx of rain I have been verry busy during the month endeavoring to raise a Barn on my Towles land &c A October lst - Some Cause in the Past leads me to look upon October as being an unlucky month for me one of the saddest months of _ my life But I begin the month to day cheerfull and Happy assured that all will be well in the end I was at work on my Barns again to day &c 2nd Went in Company with S B Martin to the sale of Henry Weddings Property in Union Co Ky Evrything sold low ` 3d At work on my Barns again to day I managed to get them I Covered and Partially filled with Tobacco 4th Went to Henderson in Company with J H Jacobs There was a ` large crowd of People in the City Yet there was general complaint about money matters 5th Sunday This has been a beautifull day allthough/H it is raining to night I spent the day at Home 6th I was busy to day looking after my Cattle &c \