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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

504 25th Went Back to Corrydon this morning I found little George still living but he was fast choking to death and died about 12 oclock I was glad to see the little fellow out of his misery as it is awfull to me to see a child dieing with Croup It was a severe Stroke on the Poor afflicted Mother who has been so bereft dur ing the year but I could not weep over the little one for I felt he was but taken from a world of trouble up to dwell among the angels and meet with the Farther who so lately left him who said that he would be watching and waiting to see which of his Children would be the first to come to him Oh Tom my Brother how much I miss you and I could but think while watching by the Death Bed Side of your Chikld that you had done the same for me that you had nursed my little ones through the1}ast struggle and I was glad that I was Permitted to watch over your ittle ones while you Could Perhaps look on from the Spirrit World Oh may I ever feel that loved ones are watching me in the struggle of life and may I have their pre- sence in death 26th I went to Henderson to day in Company with J H Jacobs to get a Coffin for little George We got to Corrydon about 2 oclock and we got the Grave Yard at hal.f Past 3 and Burried Poor Little George while it was raining verry Hard This was a wet disagreeable day 27th I went to Henderson to day in Company with Bettie Long I Bought a Mare at the Sale of Dixon & Son for $62 28th Went to the Anderson Farm after some Cattle &c , 29th At work about the Farm &c ' 30th I was Gathering Corn on the Farm of Brother Tom to day 3lst To day Brings me to the Close of the month of Oct and I am not sorry allthough time is Passing away The early part of the month was dry and lately we have had fine rains The Outlook for evrything looks Gloomy indeed and if there is not a favorable Change we will have the tightest money market ever known with short Crops and low prices A The outlook is indeed a Gloomy one p November lst - I went to Corrydon to day in Company with SV J 1VIcCord He Paid me in a Draft on the 10th National Bank $1654. 74 and ' l . Mary E Smith $275. I2 This amounted to $1929. 86 instead of the $3000 Insurance on the Life of my Brother Tom The Diference was owing to a mistake of one year made in his Statement of his age 2nd Sunday I have been about Home all day as there has been company at our House and I have been too Lazy even to go to Sunday School