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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

505 3d I went to Henderson to day There is nothing talked of now on the Streets but low Prices and Hard times 4th I was in the Bottom at work on a House to day 5th I was one of the Commissioners to divide the Lands of F A Cannon Dec in the Walnut Bottom We managed to get the Heirs to- gether and Surveyed around the Land to day 6th Went Back to the Cannon Farm in Company with G P Lilly again to day We finished our work and came Home in the evening p_7th I went ixx Back to the Bottom this morning to write some I morages for T P Whitman and spent the day with him Sth Went to Henderson to day I was disappointed to day about getting some money 9th Sunday I was at Church to day Elder Maddog; Preached 10th Went to the Walnut Bottom &c to day llth 12th 13th 14th I have beenin the Bottom the most of the time endeavoring to get some Houses Built on my Towles Land 15th Went to Henderson I found B F Martin verry sick I had considerable Business in the City but as usual done nothing I Loaned J H Jacobs $500 I Paid W S Elam $200 on note &c 16th Sunday Spent the day at Home &c 17th At work in the Bottom &c to day I bought of H P Randolph 600 Bushels Corn at 40 cts Per Bushal 18th I Raised a Cabin in the Bottom &c to day 4 19th In the Bottom again to day 20th About Home &c to day 21st I was in the Bottom to day at work on a Chimney &c 22nd Went to Henderson to day Times in the City begin to wear a brighter aspect and I think the Farmer will yet realize good prices for his Crops 23d Sunday We had a Good rain last night which was verry much