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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

510 January lst 1874 - This was a gloomy looking morning I went to Henderson &c While there was a considerable number of the citizens of the County in the City there was nothing like the crowds that used to be in Henderson in former years on New Years day The Old time of Hireing Slaves on this day and a general preparation for the New Year has Passed and gone forever Men are too indiferent to care much whether they hire or not as the uncertainty of Labor has rendered farm- ing such a risky Business that the Farmer prefers to let the Laborer take a part of the risk Consequently we have a miserable Share way of Farming which Starves the Share Hand and ruins the Land owner But enough of this I begin the New Year with less encouragement than ever before as I made nothing during the Past year and allthough I am well _ supplied with labor the cost of production is so great that it makes the profits if any verry small But for thqpuinous system of labor I would prefer farming to any other employment but the trouble a man must take to make a crop is too great for the Uncertainty of a profit or Loss I went in Company with J H Jacobs to Corydon where we witnessed the installation of the officers of Jonathan Lodge and heard an excellent Speech from J A Coleman on Odd Fellowship after which we came Home 2nd I was about home in the morning and went with B F Martin to his farm in the Bend in the evening &c 3d I was Striping Tobacco &c this morning and assisting to arrange the Finnances of Orphans Home Lodge in the evening 3d Sunday This was a wet disagreeable morning and Cold evening , I went in company with G B Martin to see Ben Hoskins in the evening He was verry sick 4th I have been endeavoring to get my forces at work for the g New Year and have started a large force for a slim purse 5th I went down in the Bottom to look after my stock &c to day l 6th Went to Henderson in company with J H Jacobs & from there to Evansville We came back to town on the Grey Eagle and attended the ` Public Installation of the officers of Strangers Rest Lodge IOOF I remained all night at B F Martins 7th I got Home to day to dinner and drove my Hogs from Jacobs in the evening