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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

514 9th Went to Henderson to day &c 10th I went to my Pond Creek Farm to day & H P Randolphs llth About the farm &c 12th Went to Corrydon where I spent the most of the day Electioneering &c 13th This was a Cold disagreable March day I went to E D Powells this morning to take His & Wifes Ackn to a Deed &c 14th Went to Esqr Coopers Court in the Bottom to day The _ Squire had a Large crowd for a Magistrates Court 15th Sunday This was a Pleasant day There was no preaching in the neighborhood to day and I spent the most of the day at Home 16th I went to the Bottom this morning to Meet the Sheriff after a Hard days work I suppose I arranged it so as to secure the Rent due N B Rose from Bent Shelton 17th Went to Henderson I Delivered a Load of Tobacco that weighed as follows 18th Went to the Walnut Bottom to correct the mistakes of the Former Survey of the Cannon Farm &c 19th Went to Corrydon &c 20th I was down to my Bottom Land this morning Went to I W A J Powells & J R Dances in the evening 21st Went to Henderson &c 22nd Sunday This Has been a beautifull Sabbath Day There was V no Church and I spent the day at Home April lst I started out on an Electionering Tour this evening in company with Royal Utley We arrived at Cairo about 5 4 PM I remained all night in Cairo at Thos Cottinghams This was the first night I ever staid with him Since he married my Niece Sarah E Minton They now have a family of Grown Children one daughter married 'iixxky Truly time speeds away away