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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

515 2nd We had an introduction to most of the Denizens of the City of Qxinxzxzsztk Cairo this morning after which we resumed our Journey across the Co We stoped for Dinner at a Barn raising at George & John Books where we met most of the Frog Island Peopls After Dinner we traveled across the Co to the neighborhood of Cash Creek Church and remained all night at George Cosbys near Green River Here again I was reminded of the afflictions incident to this life when I last met with Mr Cosby he gas a strong able Bodied man and I found him this evening Helpless and llmost deformed by Rheumatism We were treated by this Family with true Ky Hospitality 3d We Journeyed onwards this morning interviewing the Good People on our Route and at noon arrived at the City of Hebbardsville where we fed both Man and Beast at Elder Millers after which we had an introduction to the Citizens laid our respective claims before them and resumed out Journey A few miles from the city I parted with my friend Utley and took the road for Henderson where after numerous con- versations on the Route I arrived in time for supper I got my supper at B F Martins and then I visited Powell Lodge of Odd Fellows &c 4th I spent the day in the City I was in the Co Council of Grangers &c and done the usual amount of Electionering after which I came Home well satisfied that all is not gold that glitters and a Candidates road is a Hard one to travel 5th Sunday There was no Preaching in the neighborhood to day so I spent the day at Home 6th Went to Corrydon this morning I went on an Electionering Tour in company with J T Handley & Royal Utley We got our dinners at mc; Mr Isaac Handleys and from there we rode over the Southern Portion of the Cairo & Corydon Districts We witnessed this evening the Heaviest Hail Storm I have ever seen Some of the Hail was awlarge as a Partridge Egg and the ground was white with it as snow We remained all night at W Mintons 7th We were at several Log Rollings &c this morning and I got home at Dusk Tired out as usual Sth A wet Disagreeable day I remained at Home 9th To day Capped the Climax as it snowed all day and to night the Snow is 2 inches Deep I started for Spottsville this morning but had to turn back as the day was so Bad 10th I finished Stripping my Tobacco to day The snow gradually melted off to day but it has been verry cold