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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

516 llth Went to Henderson I delivered the last of my Tobacco Crop The Load weighed Good 6 3/4 Lugs 4 lL2 cts Trash 2 cts I remained in town all night at John Bourkes We went out on an Electioneering Tour during the night and I am thoroughly satisfied with this nights experience 12th Came home this morning a Wiser if not a Better Man well Satisfied that a man had better keep away from Temptations and beware of the Paths of Sin Home 13th I left this morning in Company with J T Handley on a trip through the Walnut Bend We got our Dinners at W Vickers I stopped to see John Vickers and found him in Bed from the effects of a Drunken Spree and little did I think when I left him that in a few short Hours that spree would end in the death of its victim But such was the fact ' as I learned afterwards He Procgged whiskey and before another Sunrise had gone to stand before the Judgment Bar from which there is no appeal I knew the man well and Whiskey was the Bane of his life and his worst enemy 14th We remained all night at William Gabharts and after d riding over the Bottom for some time we got to Henry Higgins in time for a log Rolling Dinner and from there Home 15th About the Farm &c to day 16th Went to Henderson I spent the evening in the City and _ l remained all night at Dock Martins _ 17th I spent the day Electionerring with the People of the County and City Whether I accomplished anything or not remains to be seen _ on the morrow 18th I spent the day in the city Electionerring The crowd at the Election was a large one and whiskey had the ascendant Izsx I saw j one man (George Brown) Killed on the street I did not accomplish mugh as the Polls will show as my purse is too slim to fight with the Henderson _ Click I came Home in the evening a wiser if not a better man 19th Sunday This was a wet day I was about the House &c 20th Went to Henderson I found the majority of the Candidates in the City and on comparrison am satisfied that I have a Majority of the votes cast on Saturday