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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

517 21st 22nd 23d 24th I have Heard various rumors during the week of my chances for a Clerkship and while some of them have been favor- able others have been the reverse I got some 43 or 44 negro votes which are contested by a part of the defeated candidates 25th Went to Henderson to day &c 26th Sunday I was at church to day Elder Peters Preached I went in company with Elder Peters to see Joseph Cheatham who is verry sick in the evening 27th Went to Henderson this evening in company with G G Lilly and J H Jacobs We met with the Odd Fellows at their Hall at night This was an anniversary meeting of the Order 28th I staid all night at B F Martins that is myself and G G Lilly Today was a miserable cold wet day We came home in the evening 29th Went to H P Randolphs this morning and from there rode over a good portion of the Walnut Boffoms I was taking some Ackn to Deed Mortgages &c from Randolph 30th I went to Corrydon this evening where I remained untill after the meeting of Johnathan Lodge IOOF at night and Had a beautifull] moonlight ride home after the Lodge Closed This was a pleasant day and night for the Close of a Cold disagreeable Spring month It has rained and been verry cold from the begining with more cold disagreeable weather than I ever remember in the month of April before May lst - This is a beautifull day for the begining of the most beautifull month in the year and it is Pleasant to feel the warm sunshine _ after ,much Sold weather 2nd Went to Henderson &c The Election excitement continues unabated The Democratic Central Committee have decided to declare that there is no nomination for Clerk but I have determined to leave this matter to the people 7ZL*i/ 3 [ lp I have been so constantly away from Home that I have neglected to keep up my Journal during the whole of the month of May I have been busy with my Farm Hands endeavoring to Pitch a crop The early part of the month was verry cool and lately it has been verry Hot and dry with the close of the month we have had a fine shower this evening and allthough hardly enough to set out Tobacco Plants it will do a gucci; great deal of good As yet there is no Tobacco Planted and the corn crops look verry bad as there has been no rain for 3 weeks Yet if it should be seasonable from th we have ample time for a crop