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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

2 lhth I have Been Endeavoring to save my Tobacco which I Had Bulked by firing it I also fired one Barn that I Had striped with tobacco stalks it had Moulded I suppose from the dampness of the weather I make these remarks for future reference l5th Striped Tobacco at the Hill Place l6th Sunday went to church heard the Rev R'W Fallan Preaoh l?th Went with G A Sugg To survey & Lease a tract of land Lying on Pond Creek to Thos Higgins Loaded 3 wagons with Tobacco in the evening l8th Carried my Tobacco to Henderson sold on the street at $7 & $6.75 weighed light although it was very high the Three Loads weighed hh5O lbs. Amt To $305.70 l9th Went on a Pleasure trip with a company on Board the Silver Star to Paducah viz H D Williams G R Rankin S B Martin W P Lilly Thos Crowder G W Bruce R Haskins T Williams 20th Arrived at Paducah about 9 o'clock this Morning but had but Little time to see the Place I should suppose it contain a population of about hOOO and appears to be in a thriving condition Left Paducah half Past ten on our way home Rained near all day we had a very Pleasant on Board the Star But would have Enjoyed it much more if it were not for the too Prevalent Practice of Drinking as a drunken Man Becomes Disgusting though he May Be a friend 2lst Landed this Morning at Longs Landing Took Breakfast at B F Martin spent the day riding through the Bend on business came home in the evening . 22nd A very cold day Helped Burry Mrs. Taylor Mother of Charles Taylor in the evening 23rd Sunday `Went to Church heard Elder Moore Preach &c. 2hth Received today $105 on Executions vs. J Hanmonds from B F , Martin a Pleasant day Busy with hands clearing dc. 25th Went on Business to`N Utley Also rode through the Bend of Highland Executed three"Narrants Collected 360.So 26th `Went with Marion Sugg to J French in the Morning Tent to Squire Turners in the evening Executed one warrant but collected no money a Pleasant day. ~ 27th Striped Tobacco at the Hill Place Bought an Execution on Joseph French for Forty dollars one do for one dollar one on J McBride for $2.69 one on Leo French for one dollar & 25 cts from'N W McCauley Paid Thirty Two dollars and fifty cts for the same