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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

3 28th A very Pleasant day finished striping Tobacco at the Mill Place 29th Iwent to the Diamond Island Bend Took one Replevin Bond Collected $5.90 30th Sunday Hent to E Thomas in the Morning Levied on his Tobacco Went with Miss Jane Haskins To Mr. Alveys in the evening with this I wind up the Month of January it has been a very change- able Month but very little cold weather wet but Mild. Feb lst 1859 I will Begin the Month of February by Remarking that the day is Pleasant for the season I went To Henderson today went with J R Smith to Procure his License &c Burnt my First Plant Bed today I Paid G E Allison $6.80 Fees Loaned L L Hancock $15 John R Smith $3 Expenses SO cts 2nd Striped Tobacco at Home today 3rd Myself & G R Rankin went to the Bend To wait on John H Smith he was married Fifteen Minuets to one oclock P.M. to Miss Christopher I waited with Miss Jenny Christopher came home in the evening attended the infare at L L Hancocks at night a cold Blustery day _ hth Spent the day at Mrs. Cottons in company with Miss Lame went to concert at Night at Cypress Church a very Poor Affair Collected $10 spent $1.10 Sth I have Been very unwell Today Consequently I spent the day at home . 6th Sunday Ment to the Methodist Church in the Morning heard I Elder Thurman Preach went with G B Martin to Squire Lillys in the evening 7th A cold disagreeable Morning Rode through the Bend of Highland in the evening Paid J Davis of Mount Vernon $21 the Amt of an Execution against Thos H Powell all hands clearing 8th Spent the day at A M Haskins in company with Sue Lilly Matilda Smith G B Martin and others a rainy disagreeable day 9th I started this Morning to sell E Thomas Tobacco Mm Melton - agreeing to Pay the debt I dismissed the Sale Went to Ben Grishams in the evening Levied on one Buggy Also his Present crop of Tobacco a cold windy disagreeable day lOth Uent to Mm Bence in the Morning to Temperance Meeting at Might Paid H D Williams on Note of Capt J H Dillingham four Hundred & fifty dollars All Hands clearing llth Spent the day at S L Coopers Collected from J D Smith $75 do. I 12th Went to Henderson today Paid S P Spalding Fifty three dollars and fifty cts expenses EO cts.