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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

V b. 13th Sunday I attended church in the Morning heard Elder Utley Preach Went to Mrs. Allins in the evening A very Pleasant day lhth Valentineaday I went to Wm Utleys in the morning and attended a Party at GW Cabells at Night A large crowd as usual at the Colonels but enjoyed myself finely Collected to day from Thos H Powell for A Fazmier on an Execution of J L Barton th5 a cold Rainy disagreeable day l5th Striped Tobacco at Home today Collected from Thos Long $hO on an Execution in favor of F A Cannon it has been warm today for the season with rain in the evening accompanied with Thunder and Lightning 16th Striped Tobacco at home today a very Pleasant day for the Season 1 17th Finished Striping Tobacco today warm and Raining in the evening 18th Nothing of interest occured _ 19th Raining in the Morning verry warm for the season Loaded Tobacco Wagons in the evening 20th Sunday I attended Church at the Methodist Church Elder _ Wheeler Preached. 2lst Went to Henderson with Tobacco sold on the street at $7 for Good, and$6.95 for Lugs two for Trash the Two Loads Amounted to $151 22nd I attended a Party at Night at John Higgins a very pleasant time A 23rd I have been Making rails today a very wet and warm spell of weather Collected Fifteen dollars from L E Newman on an Execution of _ John A Powell 2hth I stoped at Uncle Steve Martin this Morning his Negro Han Joshua had just died and whilst I gazed upon the corpse of that Poor Negro I could but think how uncertain are the things of this world but how certain is that one thing death Collected from H Higgins 2h.8O the Amt of an Execution in favor of H & B l 25th spent the day riding arround doing Nothing in Particular 26th Helped John M. Hancock roll Logs today a verry Pleasant day reminding one of the spring of the year Loaned Thos Harrison two dollars. 27th Sunday 'Went to church in the Morning heard Elder Moore Preach Also in the afternoon A very Pleasant day 28th Went to Henderson today I saw a number of Mules sell at Prices Ranging from $80 To l23 Horses about the same figures Negroes sold Rather Lower than on the lst of Jan I saw a likely Negro woman and child