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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

5 sell at $1015. but men sold somewhat Higher. I received today from .S L Cooper $100 on Note Also From G B Martin $l5 for L E Newman "Nith this I wind up the Month of Feb it has been unusually mild for the month of Feb I think it has been the Hildest winter I have ever seen Although it has been a very disagreeable & Rainy wet winter but from Present indications we will have an Early Spring as the weather at the Present time seems more like the Month of April than Feb I have spent a very dull Honotonous Winter such as I Pray heaven I may Never spend again But I hope I will at least Profit by the Past and do better in the future and instead of spending my time Alone have some one to cheer this dull & gloomy existence But I will not Anticipate Longer on this subject for at best Han is a Poor dissatisfied Mortal I sometimes think I am only fullfilling Hy destiny and doing That in a very bad way during the Past Month I have seen Much by which to profit I have attended a num- ber of Parties and visited a number girls but must say that the Most of them Though good Looking are allmost uneducated consequently poor ' company [Harch IBS9 missing] April lst It is a Beatiful day evrything is Putting on the Qarb of spring The Peach & apple trees are in Bloom the trees are Putting forth their summer Foliage The Birds are Carolling their songs amid the groves & fields and all nature seems to be happy whilst Han alone stalks forth discontented and unhappy for Avarice & Sin has destroyed his tastes for that which is Beautiful and good But enough of this as I intend during this month to keep a Journal of events and doings on the Farm I will begin by saying I Planted some Irish Potatoes today . 2nd I have been running two Plows today Breaking Corn ground ` Received from John H Davis @50 on Note due estate 3rd Sunday went to church Elder Thurman Preached &c. hth Went to Henderson Paid J E Rankin $55 dollars store acct Paid A L Leslie h0 Paid P Hillyer $2.70 William Ingram $13.70 A very cold disagreeable day good By fruit to night, and Look sharp Tobacco Plants Sth A very cold disagreeable day Helped J Higgins Role Logs in the evening 6th went to Corydon in the Morning Took dinner at Harrison Powells went to Joseph Cissells in the evening and from there to a Log rolling at Hosea Smiths 7th `Went to the Diamond Island Bend deceived From Henry Bentley Y23.20 on a Execution of C Qtr ing From Dan Carson $9.hO in full of Do in favor of H Bentley called on Kiss Fannie Clay in the Evening Sth Helped G N Cabell Roll Logs attended a Party at Night do