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AUTHOR'S PREFACE. 'rORIES of adventure in real life, and instances 3of heroism, daring and devotion, when based on truth and related with fidelity, can rarely fail to en- gage the attention of the most listless reader. To know the lengths to which physical effort can go, and to witness the struggles of the faculties when the body is placed in circumstances of great trial, must be objects of curiosity as long as curiosity is a natural instinct. In the following pages the author has attempted to present, in the light of truth, a phase of actual life around which cluster associations of great romantic interest. To do this with acceptation he has adopted the narrative form exclusively, believing that, for the purpose which he proposes, a complete and faithful picture can be better given by episode than by his- torical relation. The principal merits of his work, the author be- lieves, will be found to be as follows: T. Simplicity and directness in style and treatment. A writer who undertakes a task of modest preten- sions should have these qualities well developed. In (v)