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Mac Swinford Collection, 1932-1975, 1932

Part of Mac Swinford Collection, 1932-1975

swinfordGuide to the Mac Swinford Collection, 1932-1975Processed by Stephen D. Miller, Jeffrey S. Suchanek, David Nichols; machine-readable finding aid created by Hilary WrittSpecial CollectionsUniversity of Kentucky Public Policy ArchivesUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=464&llib_id=13 Copyright 1998University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from typescript by rekeying. Date of source: 1996Description is in English.Guide to the Mac Swinford Collection, 1932-1975Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity of Kentucky Public Policy ArchivesUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8634Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=464&llib_id=13Processed by Stephen D. Miller, Jeffrey S. Suchanek, David NicholsDate Completed 1996Encoded by Hilary Writt Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Mac Swinford Collection, 1932-197596M4 Swinford, Mac, 1899-197536 cubic ft.The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections,Lexington, KY 40506-0039Collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.[Identification of item], Mac Swinford Collection, 1932-1975, 96M4, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington.Mac Swinford was born on December 22, 1899 in Cynthiana Kentucky. Upon graduating from Cynthiana High School in 1919 he attended the University of Virginia. He began law practice with his father, M. C. Swinford, after attaining his law degree in 1925. Like his father, Swinford served as a Kentucky State Representative from Harrison County in the Kentucky General Assembly from 1926 to 1928. He was appointed United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky in 1933 and was named United States Judge for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937. In 1963 he became chief judge of the Eastern District of Kentucky. He stepped down in 1969 although he continued to hear cases in the Eastern District until his death on February 3, 1975. Swinford married Minnie Benton Peterson and was the father of five children, Mary Jouett (Judy) Swinford Reed, John McKee Swinford, who also served as state representative, Sarah Hanson Swinford Kinney, Alice Jane Swinford Kolbe, Ann Gregg Swinford Dunn. He enjoyed travel and literature, traveling extensively and forming a literary group called the Inquisitor's Club. He was also an avid fox hunter. Swinford's 1963 book, Kentucky Lawyer, presented a humorous take on the state's lawyers and courtroom stories. Swinford was active in the Cynthiana Presbyterian Church, serving as elder emeritus and teaching Sunday school classes for 38 years. Described as "an old-fashioned gentleman" who "never wanted to be anything but a lawyer," Swinford's 38-year judicial career was one of the longest of any federal judge.Container ListClippings Series, 1938-1981 1Baseball - Clipping and Artwork1Dam Projects - Articles and News Clippings, 1972-19741Garden Clubs, early 1970s1General, 1965-19701General, 1971-19751Cissy Gregg1Harrison County History1Jack Jouett, Revolutionary War1Kentucky Derby, Interview with Bill Hartack, April 19, 19701Miscellaneous1Miss Lucy Peterson1National Politics, 19651Franklin D. Roosevelt - Speeches 1938, Obituaries 19451M.C. Swinford1Swinford Family, 1954-19811TobaccoCorrespondence Series Personal and Political 1932-19372James Cleveland Matter, 19352"A-B" 1932-1937 2"B-C" 1932-19372"C-E" 1932-19372"F-G" 1932-19372"H-J" 1932-19373"K-L" 1932-19373"M-O" 1932-19373"P-R" 1932-19373"S" 1932-1937 (Folder A)3"S" 1932-1937 (Folder B) 3"T-V" 1932-19373"W-Z" 1932-1937Personal and Political 1937-19754"A"4"B" 4"C" (Folder A)4"C" (Folder B)4"D"4"E"4"F"4"G"4"Get Wells" (Folder A)5"Get Wells" (Folder B)5"H"5"I"5"Insurance and Hospitalization" 5"Invitations"5"J" - General5"J" - Judicial Conferences6"K"6"Kentucky Lawyer" (Folder A)6"Kentucky Lawyer" (Folder B)6"L"6"M" (Folder A)6"M" (Folder B)6Miscellaneous6"N"6"O"6"Presbytery - 1969"6"P"7"R"7"S" (Folder A)7"S" (Folder B)7"T"7"U"7"V"7"W" (Folder A)7"W" (Folder B)7"X-Y"General Personal, Political and Academic Correspondence 1930s-19758"A-B"8"F-G" [No materials for C-E]8"H"8"I-L"8"M"8"T-V" [No materials for N-S]8"W-Y"VIP Correspondence8Alben W. Barkley, 1934-19548VIP, 1934-19598VIP, 1960-19698VIP, 1970-19758VIP and Miscellaneous, 1937-1960Family History Series9Correspondence, 18699Edd R. Gregg - Account book/diary, 1941-19429Edd R. Gregg - Scrapbook contents (excluding photos) 9Daisy Jouett Jenkins - "Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Edwards," 19419Daisy Jouett Jenkins - Daughters of the American Revolution Application9Daisy Jouett Jenkins - "First Churches of Cynthiana" 9Daisy Jouett [Jenkins] - "Floral Album"9Daisy Jouett Jenkins - "Great Pioneer Women of America"9Daisy Jouett Jenkins - History of Cynthiana9Daisy Jouett Jenkins - "Luther Rice: A Review of His Life," 19369Daisy Jouett Jenkins - Miscellaneous Writings9McClintock Family History9McKee Family - Clippings, 1911-19439McKee Family History (Folder A)9McKee Family History (Folder B)9Miscellaneous Family Writings9Peterson/Swinford Correspondence and Writings9Rankin Family History9Swinford Family History - Correspondence, 1945-198110Swinford Family History - Clippings, Correspondence, Deeds, Poetry and Speeches, 1936-197310(Alice) Jane Swinford10Allie McKee Swinford - Estate - Cancelled Checks10Allie McKee Swinford - Estate - Settlement and Taxes10Allie McKee Swinford - Estate - Stocks and Bonds, Correspondence10Ann Gregg Swinford10John Swinford10McCauley C. Swinford (1857-1952) - Clippings, Eulogy, Genealogy10McCauley C. Swinford (1857-1952) - Estate - Cancelled Checks 10McCauley C. Swinford (1857-1952) - Estate - Correspondence10Mary Jouett Swinford Reed10Sally Swinford - Includes Vassar College Materials10Sarah SwinfordLegal SeriesGeneral Legal Materials 11"History of the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky"11Legal and Judicial Notebook (Folder A)11Legal and Judicial Notebook (Folder B)11Legal Precedent Files (Folder A)11Legal Precedent Files (Folder B)12United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit - Draft Opinions With Swinford's Comments (Folder A)12United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit - Draft Opinions With Swinford's Comments (Folder B)12Unites States District Attorney Nomination - Correspondence and Endorsements, 1932-1933 (Folder A)12United States District Attorney Nomination - Correspondence and Endorsements, 1932-1933 (Folder B)12United States Supreme Court - Drafts and Final Opinions, 1967-197412University of Kentucky - American Association of University Professors, J.W. Patterson, et. al. vs. Louie B. Nunn, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Otis Singletary, President of the University of Kentucky - Ruling, May 14, 1970Legal Daybooks131938131943131944131945141946141947141948141949151950151951151952151953161954161955161956161958Personal Series17Antiques - Correspondence17Automobile - Bill of Sale, Invoice, 1967 and 197317Bills, 197517Bills, 1974 (Folder A)17Bills, 1974 (Folder B)17Bills, 197317Bills, 197217Bills, 197117Bills, 197017Bills, 1965-196918Cattle - Newsletters, Registrations, Vaccinations18The Chase Magazine - Correspondence18Check Stubs, 1966-196818China Trip - Application for Tour Membership18Derby Breakfast Invitations, 1973-197418"Fan Mail" (Negative Letters Rec'd) (Folder A)18"Fan Mail" (Negative Letters Rec'd) (Folder B) 18"Fan Mail" (Negative Letters Rec'd) (Folder C) 19"Farm - 1964" (Papers 1961-1965)19"Farm - 1966"19"Farm - 1967-1968"19"Farm - 1969/Miscellaneous Farm Papers"19Farm Information, 1969-197119"Farm - 1970"19"Farm - 1971" 19"Farm - 1972, No Misc. for '73"19"Farm - 1972" - "Tobacco" (Contains Materials 1972-1973)19"Misc. - Farm - 1974"19Hiram Church Ford - Memorial Service, Oct. 6, 196919Foxhounds - Correspondence and Veterinary Bills19Fox Hunting Correspondence, 1937-1950 (Folder A)19Fox Hunting Correspondence, 1937-1950 (Folder B)20Furniture Receipt, 197020Inquisitor's Club - By-laws and Program Schedules, 1943-197320Inquisitor's Club - Correspondence and Clippings, 1943, 1966-196920Horses - Correspondence, Catalogs, Clippings, Transfer Forms20Hound Pedigree Charts20Kentucky Lawyer - Corrected Manuscript20Kentucky Lawyer - Corrections and Suggestions20Kentucky Lawyer - Correspondence, 196320Kentucky Lawyer - Correspondence and Royalty Statements20Kentucky Lawyer - Critical and Congratulatory Correspondence (Folder A)20Kentucky Lawyer - Critical and Congratulatory Correspondence (Folder B)21Kentucky Lawyer - Draft with Marginal Notes21Kentucky Lawyer - Manuscript21Kentucky Lawyer - Notes and Handwritten Drafts21Kentucky Lawyer - Proofs21Kentucky Lawyer - Proofs21Kentucky State Foxhunter's Association, 193621Lord Halifax - Correspondence 1944-1946, Details of Cynthiana Hunting Trip21Marriage Certificate and Wedding Invitations21Miscellaneous Memorabilia22Notes and Clippings (Folder A)22Notes and Clippings (Folder B)22Notes and Clippings (Folder C)22Notebook22Passports22Personal Correspondence, 1969-197522Red Gate Farm - Order Books, 1945-195722Red Gate Farm - Order Books, 1957-197323Mac Swinford Scrapbook Items (Removed from Mac Swinford Scrapbook - Excludes Photographs)23Short Story Manuscripts, Early 1930s (Folder A)23Short Story Manuscripts, Early 1930s (Folder B)23Social Security Card and Account Statements23Tobacco Way Bills, Jan. 197023Travel23University of Virginia23Vacation Journal (England, France), June-July 195523Vacation Journal (Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan), July-August 195523Vacation Journal (Jordan, Israel, Greece, Spain) August-September 195523John Yost - Correspondence and MemorabiliaPresbyterian Church Series24Cynthiana Presbyterian Church - 1966 Budget Proposal24Cynthiana Presbyterian Church - Congregational and Legal Business, 1966-1972 (Folder A)24Cynthiana Presbyterian Church - Congregational and Legal Business, 1966-1972 (Folder B)24Cynthiana Presbyterian Church - Congregational and Legal Business, 1966-1972 (Folder C)24Cynthiana Presbyterian Church - Congregational and Legal Business, 1966-1972 (Folder D)24Correspondence, Clippings, Orders of Service, Proposals, 1969-197325 "General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church" - 1969 (Folder A)25"General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church" - 1969 (Folder B)25"General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church" - 1969 (Folder C)25Miscellaneous - Cynthiana Presbyterian ChurchPublications Series26American Bar Association - Lawyer's Economic Problems and Some Bar Association Solutions26American Bar Association Journal, October 192926J. Winston Coleman - Lincoln and "Old Buster", February 194426Cooperative News, January 196326Courier-Journal, Centennial Edition 196826Homer Cummings - The State of Connecticut vs. Harold Israel26Sam Ervin, Jr. and Ramsey Clark - Role of the Supreme Court: Policymaker or Adjudicator?, 197026Grand Lodge of Kentucky Daily Proceedings, October 16, 192826Charles A. Graves - Questions on Evidence, 191626Harrison Memorial Hospital Building Program and Miscellaneous Information26A History of the Democratic Party26"A Hunting We Will Go - Chagrin Valley Hunt, 1946"26"Kentucky - Walt Whitman's Uncompleted Poem" 196026Kentucky Bar Journal, April 197326Kentucky State Bar Journal, March 196326Kentucky State Bar Journal, March 195427Legal Brief for the Appellee - United States Circuit Court of Appeals - Pharoah W. Johnson et. al. vs. United States, 193527"Let It Be"27Masonic Home Journal, April 1, 195627"175th Anniversary of Harrison County"27Presbyterian Survey, August 195227Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, October 197427Bird Wells Rice - One Dozen Rhymes, 193527Robertson County Review, July 197127Seventy-Fourth Annual Report of the Cynthiana Public Schools, 194627Smith's Diagram of Parliamentary Rules, 188327Bertha Spafford Vester - What is the American Colony? ca. 195327University of Kentucky Libraries Bulletin XVII - "Writings on Kentucky History," 1955Speech Series28Law Day Banquet - University of Kentucky, n.d.28Miscellaneous, n.d.28"Oil" - Inquisitor's Club, n.d.28Annual Jackson Day Dinner Address - Covington KY, January 193428"The Lawyer's Oath" - (Location Unknown), 193928"The Constitution of the United States" - Daughters of the American Revolution, Cynthiana KY, ca. 193928Presbyterian Synod Meeting Speech - Jackson KY, October 193928"Globolony" - Inquisitor's Club, January 194428Memorial Day Service - Cynthiana KY, December 194428"Our American Forests" - Inquisitor's Club, ca. 1944-194528"Cynthiana - Whither Bound" - Inquisitor's Club, January 1946 28"Some of the Factors for Consideration in Determining a Judgement in a Criminal Case" - Eighth Annual Conference of the Federal Judges of the Sixth Judicial Circuit - Cincinnati, Ohio, June 194728"The Judicial Process in Federal District Court" - University of Kentucky, October 194728Commencement Speech - Chase Law School(?) ca. late 1940s, early 1950s28"Justice - Can it be Improved?" - Inquisitor's Club, January 195028"Democracy" - (Location Unknown), ca. 1950-195128"A World Without Fear" - Inquisitor's Club, December 195128"The Church and the World" - General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, June 195228"Honorable Mayor and 'My Countrymen'" - July 195228"Our Obligation" - New Orleans Presbyterians Layman's Association - February 195328"Address to Naturalized Citizens" - Owensboro KY, February 195328"Faith - What is its Value?" - Inquisitor's Club, January 195428Younger Lawyer's Conference - Louisville KY, April 195428"The United Nations 10th Anniversary" - (Location Unknown), 195528"An Ancient Culture in the Ohio Valley" - Inquisitor's Club, January 195528"Education - A National Obligation" - Inquisitor's Club, January 195628Fayette County Bar Association Speech, January 195728"Soil Stewardship" - Kentucky Department of Conservation, May 195729"Christian Citizenship" - Centre College, June 195729"Self-Incrimination" - (No Location), cd. 195829"The Value of Partisanship" - Inquisitor's Club, January 195829"Mr. Justice Samuel Freeman Miller" - Madison County Historical Society, April 4, 195829"Moon Contact" - Inquisitor's Club, ca. January 195929"Crowded Ways" - Sons of the Revolution - Lexington KY, April 195929"Transportation - An Important Public Problem" - Inquisitor's Club, January 1960 29"The Judicial Obligation" - Judicial Conference - Kentucky, April 5 196029"The Coming Political Breakthrough" - Inquisitor's Club, July 196029"Who Makes Our Laws Today? A Review of Legislation by Treaty and Court Decision" - Daughters of the American Revolution, Georgetown KY, January 3 196129"Consolidation County and City Schools" - Cynthiana P.T.A. ca 196229"Our Rendezvous With Destiny" - Inquisitor's Club, January 196229"The Judicial Process in Federal District Court" - Centre College, November 27-196229"Cuba and American Imperialism" - Inquisitor's Club, January 196429Commencement Address - Newport High School, May 196429Commencement Speech - Chase School of Law, June 1 196529"Not Enough Government" - Inquisitor's Club, December 196529"Not by the Sword" - Inquisitor's Club, November 196730"Law Enforcement" - Lexington Junior Chamber of Commerce,April 196830Judicial Conference for the Sixth Circuit Court - Lexington, May 196830"Our Crime Problem" - Inquisitors Club, January 197030"The United States Political Scene" - Inquisitors Club,October 197130"Church and State" - (Location unknown), ca. 197230"The First Judiciary Act" - Lexington, October 197230"Watergate" - Inquisitors Club, October 1973Minnie Benton (Peterson) Swinford Series31Christian Children's Fund31Financial Records - Miscellaneous31Financial Records - National Bank of Cynthiana31Insurance Records31Miscellaneous Personal Items31Social Security/AARP RecordsRolled Items/Memorabilia Series32"Licks and Springs of Kentucky" by Daisy Jouett Jenkins, n.d.32"Historical Sketch of Early Cynthiana and Harrison County" by Daisy Jouett Jenkins, 193032Daughters of the American Revolution Certificate, Daisy Jouett Jenkins32"History of Harrison County" by Daisy Jouett Jenkins, 194932"Heraldic Arms" by Daisy Jouett Jenkins, 193232"Where Lies the Land to Which Our Ships Must Go?" by Allie T. McKee32"Early Baptist Churches of Harrison County" by Daisy Jouett Jenkins, 193332McKee Family History32Catechism Certificates for Alice Jane and Mary Swinford32Diploma - John McKee Swinford - Cynthiana High School, 195032Diploma - Minnie Benton Peterson, University of Kentucky, 192432Watch Chain Containing Two Photographs321972 Bicentennial Coin32Two Bottles Which At One Time Contained Jordan River Water32Sand Dollar32Woven Bookmark32Name Tag From 80th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church32Engraved Printing Plate for Mrs. Mac SwinfordEngraved Printing Plate for John McKee SwinfordPhotographic Series33, 34, 35, 36Scrapbook (1) - Obituaries and memorial service memorabiliaMac Swinford Collection, 1932-1975