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[91] > Image [91] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1972-03-apr4.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Page 7 March 31, 1972 COMMENT: I have no substantial objection to this proposal provided the Board understands and fully supports its implications. I am thinking of the occasional case of an 18-year-old student who is in extremely serious difficulty and who refuses to consent to informing his parents. The Dean of Students would be required not to inform the parents in such a case, and the Board must be aware of potential PR implications (particularly with the student's parents) under such circumstances. 1.44 1st sentence (Providing that the Student Government President, rather than the President of the University, will make temporary appointments to the U. J-Board -- with advice and consent of the Vice President for Student Affairs). COMMENT: This can create a problem at a time when the Student Government President is absent from the campus, perhaps for an extended period, or if he simply fails to make such temporary appointments. 1. 51 (Adding the clause, "unless imposed by the U. J-Board", to the parenthetical sentence under the sanction of "Warning"). COMMENT: By definition, the "Warning" is an action which may be invoked only by the Dean of Students or his authorized representative. Therefore, the reference to imposition of this action by the U. J-Board appears to be inappropriate. 3. 320 (Adding a section on inadmissibility of certain evidence). COMMENT: It appears to me that this proposed addition is unnecessary and redundant because the provisions of Article III accomplish the objectives of this proposal. Further, the phrase, "other improper means", is vague and does not provide the criteria and procedure for determining that "improper means" have been used to secure evidence. D. Mr. Wendelsdorf's minority report. The first eleven recommendations in Mr. Wendelsdorf's minority report were considered and rejected by the Committee; and it is my view that the Board should