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The Kentucky Kernel, November 24, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

feWMWMiMit iirWiiiMWiWlilftlii The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL. XIII CATS IN LEXINGTON, KY., NOVEMBER 24, 1922 DOWN ALABAMA if LAST GAME OF SEASON PLAYED OjJOME No. 10 PETITION CIRCULATED IN BATTALION FIELD MORE Southerners Lose Hard Fought Battle on Wet and Muddy ASKING FOR SPACEJN ANNUAL Four Pages Given to Military Department in Place of Eight. Field. t SANDERS GROUND GAINER ENTIRE BODY HAS SIGNED Pribble, Hollowell, Fuller, Make Last Appearance President May Be Asked to Intercede With Staff of 1923 Col-,pit- ts On Home Ground. Kentuckian Making their last local appearance for tlie nrcsent season, the Wildcat eleven forced the famed Crimson Tide, conquerors of Pennsylvania, to take count last Sat- the short end of a urday, in a game which was, despite the muddy condition of the field, replete with spectacular plays that kept the result n douht until the final whistle sounded. The contest was the last local appearance of Colpitts, Fuller, Hollo-wel- l, Fest, and Captain Pribble in the Blue and White and each any every one of the five played a game that was a fitting close to their gridiron career on Stoll Field. The first half of the game was a punting duel between Fuller of the Cats and Bartlett of Alabama, with the honors about even. The oval was terrtiory in Alabama most of the first two periods, but the Cats were never within striking distance of the goal. In the third quarter the Cats started a march from their own 40 yard marker, and coupling two passes, Fuller to Sanders and Gregg to Colpitts, each good for about 15 yards, with line plunges by Sanders the Cats worked the oval to their own eight yard mark. Fuller then went off ieft tarkle for the only score of the contest. Fuller missed the try for goal. Immediately after the Kentucky score, Alabama opened up a passing attack that netted her considerable yardage and enabled her to threaten the Blue and White goal line twice, but was unable to make the required yardage when it was needed and lost the ball on downs. The Crimson attempted 22 passes and completed 10 of them for large gains. The entire Cat team played one of the best, if not the best game, that have been witnessed on Stoll Field for some time and it would prove exceedingly difficult to select an outstanding star for Kentucky. But if one is picked Curtis Sanders, at full is undoubtedly the one to be selected. "Sandy" gained yard after yard thru the Crimson line and was largely responsible for puttng the Cats in a position to score. He was the main cog in the defense, making a large number of the tackles, even on the line of scrimmage, and showing considerable knowledge in the art of grounding enemy passes. Captain Pribble backed up the line in excellent form and aided in the pass defense against Alabama forwards. the numerous Bruce Fuller, next to Sanders, was tlie principal ground gainer for the Cats ami scored the only touchdown of the game when he crossed the Crimson goal Hue with several Alabamiaus clinging to him. Dell Ramsey at left tackle was a power on both the defense and offense and stopped practically everything that came his way. Bartlett was the outstanding star for the Crimson. His passing was accurate, and with McCartee on the receiving end, the Crimson gained During the last week a petition has been circulated among the members of the Rattalion, for the signature of 0 m ' , (Continued from Page 5) its members, asking the President to intercede for them, with the staff of the Kentuckian. The Military De partment has been given four pages in the 1923 annual in place of the eight they received last year and in previous years. The petition was signed by all the members of the Battalion. The petition follows: We, the undersigned members of the FRESHMEN ELEVEN R. O. T. C. of the University of KenLeft to right bottom row: King, St evenson, Montgomery, Saner, Cisco, McFarland, Riffe. Top row, Tracy tucky, respectfully submit the followHughes, Kirwan, Thams, Dabney Evans, Coach Webb. ing petition to the President of the University with thp rpnnnct that tin consider the facts presented herewith and exercise his good offices in an ef- GIRL SCOUT LEADER ALPHA DELTA SIGMA INITIATES NEW MEN CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE OF TO ARRIVE THIS WEEK tort to secure tor the petitioners a of and adequate allocation space for featuring R. O. T. C. activi Prominent Editors Speak at Banquet SOUTH TO BE DECIDED BY Will Begin Class in Leadership For ties m tne university Year book, The .Following Ceremony Girl Scouts. iventucKian, tor wzz-wzThe issilp ha5 lippn rrpnfprl hv thn Alpha Delta Sigma, men's honorkentuckian policy ary journalistic fraternity, announces KITTENS AND RATS HERE Miss Elizabeth Haney, director of announced the spaceof the to reduce devoted to R. O. the Girl Scout Leadership Course, ar- T. C. affairs to one half that provided the initiation of five new members: Raymond Kirk, of Paintsville; F.H. rives on the campus the latter part of in previous years. We regard this Carter, of Somerset; .Eugene Moore, Gridiron Title at Stake in Game the week to conduct the training decision as arbitrary and unfair. Moreover sales Between Two Crack Frosh of Covington; Dan Bowmar, of Verclasses to lie held on the campus be- which our the question ofdepends on annual largely for ginning next Monday, under the man successful publication, might be serElevens sailles, and Madison Caweiu, of Louisville. agement of the Physical Training De iously compromised, should the manThe initiation which took A large number of girls agement persist in its untenable poplace Tuesday evening, was followed WEBB'S MEN ARE READY partment. sition against the the collecby a banquet to which alumni of the are expected to enroll for the classes tive membership wishes oflargest of the and fraternity and a number of prominent Pigskin Tussle Expected to Be and derive the benefits of training in one of the most actve Departments of the university. leadership from them. newspaper men in the state were inon Hardest Fought Game Tlie petitioners wish to emphasize A meeting of the mothers of the vited. Stoll Field. The members of the active chapter students of the University of Ken and make clear at this point their position which is not to obtain additional are John Whitaker, J. A. Estes, The Wild Kittens will occupy the tucky was held in the Little Theatre space in the annual in spite of the Bradley, L. B. Hall, Troy Per- center of the local sport spotlight with women facultv yesterday after large increase in the R. O. T. C. unit, kins, Henry Taylor, Arthur Hodges, Saturday when they take the. field noon to discuss matters of common but to maintain that which by preHerbert Graham, national secretary, agains the University of Tennessee interest. A tea in the Rest Room cedent and tradition has heretofore been readily granted. We feel that and Prof. Enoch Grehan. in Yearlings for a battle that should de- jiven by Dean Jewell followed consideration of the splendid growth and increased interest manichampionship of cide the Freshman fested in our organization in recent Coach Webb's charges the South. LEXINGTON ALUMN TO are in excellent condition for the fray DR. M'VEY HONORED BY years, that it stands today a vital factor in our university life and deserves and can be expected to do their part the loyal and generous support of in the bringing of tlie southern title to STATE UNIVERSITY BODY the men in whose hands we have BE AT HOSTS intrusted the matter of publishing the the Wildcat lair. history of the University fo rthe year. In submitting our case Rats, as the Tennessee first The invite Transylvania Graduates, Faculty, termers are called, have no medicore Was Elected Head of American the attention to the followingwefacts: (.a) Uur enrollment is the largest University Seniors to Be Body of State eleven, and boast to their credit vicin history having exceeded six hunGuests tories over many of the best Yearldred. Six hundred potential subscribing outfits in the southland,, including ers want adequate space provided. grad- a (b) Our membership is recruited A number of Transylvania President Frank L. McVey re2 win over the Vandy Frosli from victory over tlie Sewance turned Thursday night from Wash- and isevery college in the University uates, faculty members and seniors and an entirely representative of the of the University have been invited outfit. The Vol youngsters have a ington, where he received tlie distin- stuuent uouy. (c) We Drotest nir.iinst tho .irti'nn heavy line and a comparatively heavy guished honor of election to the presto a dinner given by Lexington Alumof the management in reducing our backfield. The backs are as fast as ni Club tonight at six o'clock at the idency of the American Association space at a tune that our enrollment chain lightning and passers of great materially Phoenix Hotel. The purpose is to ability. It will take all the Kittens of State Universities, the highest of- so (d) Our increases. unit is making good. We form a closer relationship between have in their system to stop the Rats, fice within the gift of those institu- have received the commendation of inspectors and the corps area comthe two Universities and between the but the Green eleven has enough and tions. President McVey's election repre- mander. We are advertising the Uni Alumni Club and the senior students. will use it. versity. Dr. A. D. Harmon and President The Kittens have a line that will av- sents a promotion in official rank (e) It seems reasonably certain Frank L. McVey will be the chief erage about 190 pounds and a back- from the office of secretary and treas that we will be Jnsnertpd fnr flUtm. speakers on the program. Music for field with two men heavier than 180. urer of this organization, which he guished classification this year, in correspondence bethe occasion is in charge of Prof. Carl has held for several years. It is an view ot recentcorps tween the 5th area headquarters (Continued on page 8.) Lampert of the University. honor that is rare, and by reason of and the head of our military departK A feature of the dinner will be the that fact the University of Kentucky ment. One of the points stressed by is duly proud of the unique distinc- the General Staff Inspecting Hoard is introduction of a number of seniors TURKEY DINNER THANKSGIVING DAY tion a distinction that has never yet the supnort and accordto the Alumni. A representative from by each of the men's and women's frabeen awarded without merit. This ed the R.a O. T. C. unit we the University as whole. If are to put A turkey dinner will be served in ternities has been asked to bring some honor has been accorded only to the Kentucky in the distinguished college educators of America, class, we must have the loyal support senior student to the dinner, in order the Cafeteria dining rooms on Thanks- outstanding to get acquainted with the members giving Day to university people who and the selection of Doctor McVey is of all campus organizations, including y arc not going to the of the club. but additional gratifying evidence of the Kentuckian. (f) The proposed four pages is abgame. Faculty and students his outstanding promieuce in the field It is hoped that at this dinner a solutely insufficient to properly rep- are invited. Music while you eat. ( Continued on page 8.) (Continued on page 8.) (Continued on page 8.) 12:30 to 1:30. 50c a plate. s. Em-me- tt 2 Tcnnessec-Kcn-tuack-