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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 24, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

iiBiiiilWiiiiiiiiiMWitii iwm Page Six THE BETWIXT US (Continued from Page 3) "Your pica for the class of '22 to put in its oar came after many The two rocks arc here. Hope this will be the biggest year the University has ever had and the smallest ahead of her. So far as I know there is only one other U. K. man here, P. L. Thrclkcld, of the State Highway Commission also. He is an 1 man and played fullback behind Dick Webb, captaining the track team His address is 99 and what not. Pearson Drive, Ashcvillc, N. C." J. V. Crenshaw, Jr., Box 206, Brevard, S. C. Kaynion T. Johnson is principal of the high school at Howcl, Ky. "I want the Kernel so I can keep in V. E. touch with 'Kentucky.' " Blake, Jackson, Ky. "Please send me the Kernel. I was a graduate student at U..of K. during the summer and desire to keep in touch with activities. We don't get much news of southern football out here." Herman J. Klcopfer, Rudd, Iowa. C. R. Gibbons is with the Armstrong Cork & Insulation Co., at 204 So. Third St., St. Louis, Mo. "I am attending Johns Hopkins Medical School and like the work fine. Here's for 'Kentucky' for the coming year." Aj. W. Armcntrout, 708 N. Broadway, Baltimore, Md. Jos. J. (Bud) Slomer is assistant electrical inspector in the city engineering department, Flint, Mich. Address 1208 Lapeer St. C. V. Watson, class secretary, is now Executive Director of Community Service, Northfork, W. Va. "Yea, Kentucky! Trust I am not too late. Keep Kentucky Kernels Kum- ming." Billy Swope, class of '18 before the war, adopted by class of '22, Practicing law at Lancaster, Ky. Not married. Eligible. "I sadly miss the Kernel this year as well as the students. I am teach ing in Louisville, and have really in teresting Eva Congleton, work." "Gray Tower," Anchorage, Ky., Box ex-1- KENTUCKY KERNEL Squire Webber Saylcrs, Robert Lee with any phase of Kentucky life. The Sims, Hal Walker Smith. prize play will be produced at nn open 11 meeting of the Philosophian Literary Oliver Aulick, James Alfred Boyd, Socictv in the Little Theatre, DecemGeorge Green Dunlap, Harry Draper ber 18. Easton, George Matt Hcndrickson, Rules of the Contest Mrs. Otta Ilcrrcnkohl (Jessie Fithian 1. Any student of the University Hiblcr, William Edward Hudson, may compete, except officers of the Grovcr Cleveland Mills, Walker Bur- Philosophian Literary Society. ton Paynter, Robert Guthrie Strong, Manuscrips must be typewritten 2. Elmer Francis Worthington. Typing must be on 854x11 paper. '12 double spaced. Walton Perkins, Ernest 3. Manuscripts must be signed with Francis Schimpclcr, Frank Hereford Tomkics, a nom dc plume and accompanied by Newton Willard Utlcy, Herman k a sealed envelope containing the writVogliotto, John Rudolph Wat- er's nom deplume and his real name. son, Phillip Arthur Whitcacrc, Wil4. Manuscripts must be in the liam Blackburn White, Frances Alma hands of one of the judges before 6 Faulkner, Jones Otha Gill, Mrs. Shel- p. m., November 30. The judges arc don King Johnson (Eloisc Elizabeth Professor Dantzlcr, Professor Knight Ginn), Mary Irene Hughes, William and Dean Jewell. Bradley Johnston, K Harry George Korphagc, Joseph Millctt Lewis. Life's Little Drama K (Silence.) She "Well" (Silence.) He "Quite, thanks" LITERARY SOCIETY TO GIVE PRIZE FOR PLAY She "You seem a bit shy." He "I am, I haven't a cent." A prize of five dollars is offered (Silence) by the Philosophian Literary Society She (in despair) "O dear." to the student of the University who He "ELLEN I" submits the best play dealing and so they were married. t B. B. Smith & Co. Better Values For Less Women's Apparel Exclusive MM Fred-cric- Miss Spurr's Dancing School SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS IN CLASSES AND PRIVATE LESSONS. REGULAR DANCES FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNIVERSITY DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT. PHONE OPP. PHOENIX HOTEL 6268-- R LOST LIST '07 Josie McCoun Alexander, John Grif- fin Alexander, Paul Clifton Grunwell, Florence May Maddocks, Frank Chester Paulin, Benjamin Franklin Schcrffius, Mildred Stiles, Gordon Sumner, Bevery Todd Towery. Engineering Sells, Too! A whole lot of the make-beliehas been eliminated from selling operations in the past ten years. The old idea that salesmen were born to the sample-casthat they carried some sort of a special diploma from the University of Pooh, has had to break camp, along with the other exploded theory which insisted that a salesman must be a "good fellow", a man of strange habits, tremendous stories, and unquestioned qualities both as a mixer, and as an assimilator. ve e, Now we believe nay, we know that the best salesman is the man who knows most about his goods, and can talk most interestingly about them. This being the proven case, it isn't so queer that engineering should find a real and effective application in the selling field, especially if the merchandise marketed is an engineering product that is bought and operated by engineers. Every engineer who now engages in the sale and distribution of Westinghouse products feels that he is doing work worthy of his training for he is carrying Service and Sincerity to Industry, and to mankind! He is out where the fighting is often the fiercest, and he is putting up a battle for the things that he believes are right. And a man can't expect, nor ask, a bigger chance than that! Sixty percent, approximately, of the engineering graduates who come to Westinghouse find their way eventually into some phase of selling. And we are proud to have them there and they are glad to be there! '08 Benjamin Duncan Bell, Willis Johnson Dean, Mrs. Robert Dalafield Rands (Minnie Carfield Frost), Clinton Robert Galloway, Henry Lemuel Herring, James Alfred Lewis, Oscar Lewis Schultz, James Saffel Watson. Westinghouse '09 George Frances Browning, Cecil Byrne Ellis, William Owsley Leonard Delong Wallace. Stack-hous- e, 10 Milton C. Crafton, Royalston Haywood Cram, Ruby Ringo Fleming, Charles McCarroll, George Riley Pope, 4503-- v 31. Win. H. Howell is principal and teacher of agriculture in thigh school, Milton, Ky. Lucile Rice is teaching history in the high school, Mays Lick, Ky. Esther L. Harris is teaching Eng lish, Little Rock High School. Ad dress, Paris, Ky., R. R. No. 3. "Chalk up one more for the class of '22 and don't stop sending the Ker nel. I am principal of the high school here and several members of our faculty are from U. K. as well as about a dozen more out in town, so it looks like we should have a club of our own. Wish you success on t membership drive." Oscar C. Racke, Providence, Ky. H. W. Whaley is with the Alvey Ferguson Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Address 3807 Glenn Ave., Covington, Ky. G. F. Duvall is in the traffic department of the Illinois Bell Telephone Company, 212 W. Washington St., Chicago, III. Address mail to 4843 Kenmore Avenue. "I have seen a few copies of the Kernel and want it regularly.f' J. W. Holland, teaching animal husbandry, Oakland City College, Oakland City, Ind. or one-ac- ACHIEVEMENT Q OPPORTUNITY 1 ri rrTDir. Mm