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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 5, October 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

1 Yol, 2 ()('lUl)l1'_ lt!-lil No. 3 l ii`l`$$m$ al`? -8lQl YQ }l`[3lf` {QTY d 1 d 0n the barren. rough areas of a t`arm poor selections ot xarretres for p ant- u 9 and be expected to succeed. As with l; A 0\}` l`O`l` Wlll Pwm Swat' _ . other crops, fruits respond to fertile. ly SUlDS lmm the Expemmem this well-drained. well-cared-for Soir Station a lrst of recommended vari- .oI{cd Under present conditions there is no PUQS QT bYd$$k_kg tl`*`_ 8%YlCi Cixi? ` such thing as simply planting trees 0>U$vbUl 1all3 lh9$ _ given special and regular care to in- that are doing well rn a given section [gc St.1l`e rapid growth and early prgduc- a1`COiil})EtTEtt1\'l} f\\'. Of l.l1 pQ&Cl1 _kd hon, The game i5 true for black- \'H1`lGt1S, Red Bird. Golden Jubilee. al berries, raSpbgr;jg_ and gr-apps Halehaven. South Hayen. Jul) nount gomo cxppct heavbr production too Hoatlr Champion. Georgia Belle. and ge on quickly from fruit plantings. It Elberta. rn their order of ripening. ;xtCht Should be remembered that straw- are the most outstanding. proven Why berries. dewberries. blackberries, Kentucky peach varrctres. Most ot _ and raspberries will produce a crop these have certain shortcomings. emcal One year after planting while grapes For instance. Red Bird has low qual- .e. On can be expected to have a fair crop ity and is highly subject to brown- ; like the third year. Peaches generally rot losses. South _Haven and Cham- rscmc Start bearing from 3 to 5 years of pion also are subject _to brown rot. _ age and apples from 5 to 7. Halehaven and Georgie Belle. while lrmng Ol`Chl1Id Equipment: New Q_l`(l\\`Ll`S generally hardy. tend to ll8\`OSlllHll , res to should realize that it is impossible to fruit unless the trees are thinned. l>1`0ClllCC satisfactory crops of com- While the Elberta is still the lll05l BULLETIN OF TIIE KENTUCKY AGRl(UI.TURr\L EXIIlIlI)IIiN1` STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY